Patriot Games

Patriot Games

23 men joined myself for a grueling patriotic themed workout. I called a quick audible and we did the 76 burpees before the 1 mile run. All Pax agreed this was a good call.

Hollywood and Kid Rock crushed the circuit and seem like they wanted more. Let’s talk about Damascus for a second. If you ever Q and call “recover” before he finishes his reps he will whine…A LOT. Its a holiday and Pax have schedules to keep, next time buddy.

Solid push today by all. Kid Rock said he heard a few police out there today? I think if you actually had enough in you to call someone out on form you need to work harder. Chances are you’re slacking trying to pay attention to everyone else. Worry about you.

Well done guys! Happy 4th and stay safe out there.

Thanks Damascus for taking us out and for the bony hip in my thigh during your photo op…


Spartan Race July 27th

The region logo is underway…again so look for that some this year. Hopefully

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