WWZD – What would Zinfandel do?

WWZD – What would Zinfandel do?

PreBlast: All weekend it was just me and 3 kids…M went to Charleston for the weekend. When it’s just me and the munchkins we BALL. We hit 4 different pools in 3 days, ate chocolate pancakes both mornings, went shopping a few times, and purchased 5 containers of Breyers ice cream. Side Note: Everyone in my house is sensitive to or allergic to dairy so my wife always buys coconut-based ice cream…..

I polished off an ENTIRE BOX of the Take-Two (half Vanilla half Chocolate)! Only about an hour after did I realize that may not have been a good idea.

3 other Pax joined me at Brooklyn Pizza for what would be an interesting morning. The humidity was among us as I started sweating immediately as we took off.. Was it the humidity or was something brewing!!

DiCCS given and we were off!


Mosey to Target – Circle up!

  • 5 SSH – IC
  • 5 Merkins – IC

5 LSS – IC

  • 20 Burpees – OYO – Sorry Damascus, the burpees were a late addition so I went with it!!
  • Mosey towards the Wesley Oaks neighborhood pool.

At this point, I may have to start ranking all the local pools. I’ve been to the B & C (still a front runner) Lawson (Very fast slide) Chainsaw’s (I’m working on a party – coming soon) and lastly Wesley Oaks.

After today Wesley Oaks holds a special place in my heart. Let’s keep moving!!

  • Stop at the intersection near the main entrance for the 6. 5 burpees OYO
  • Finish Mosey to Club House
  • 11’s – Pull-ups/Merkins

One the last leg of the mosey it hit me and hit me hard… Not not a turtle head.. This was going to be an EXPLOSION!!

During the Mosey I inquired about the facilities. “Damasus, you think the bathroons are unlocked?” “Yeah probably, but theres a 6′ fence to get over.”

Fence…psshhhh…… a fence wasn’t about to slow down the murder scene to come.

We arrived at the clubhouse. I called out the 11’s and headed to the see about scaling this fence and if it was even possible. Damascus yells out, “Go over to that side they have cameras over there!” Hope they don’t have good audio….haha. Put it this way… a sock has been used in the past but this would have taken both socks, underwear, and shirt!!

Scaled the fence with no problem and went for the door….. F&#%……it was locked up tighter than ( insert here). Think. Think. Think.

What would Zinfandel do? We all know he is the king personal hygiene and has been known to give a bidet to a fellow pax…haha THIS GUY…

I see a rolled up water hose while I was still on the inside of the fence – you with me – It was dark and I couldn’t tell if it had a removable on/off valve. I was literally in a panic…

I hopped the fence and grabbed the valve…SCORE!!! I’m not out of the woods yet! Where will this all take place?? I was about to destroy something… The hose was about 20-25′ long.. I made it two feet and blew up the pine needle bed almost shitting on my shoes!!

Thinking ahead, I had already turned the water on before I nuked the needles… Apply a small amount of thumb pressure to the end of the hose, you have an instant Bidet!! Morning saved!!!

  • Back to the 11’s – Finish up – Lets Mosey
  • Take a right and go deeper into the neighborhood. Damascus yells “wrong way” NOPE… deeper we went into Wesley Oaks.
  • At Culdesac 10 Burpees OYO
  • Head back towards AO – Burpees at top and bottom of Paxsaw Ridge.
  • Bear Crawl halfway from the bottom of heal to the electric gate.
  • Crawl Bear the other half – Audible! We almost made it and got smoked out.
  • Pause and catch a breath at the gate.
  • All you got back for COT! Damascus and Brutus thundered behind myself and Chastain… Chastain, next time I won’t yell for the entire sprint… Good push!

All pax worked hard and it was a good workout. Well done with the vest Damascus! Do us all a favor and burn the vest and buy a new one. Joking…not for a second am I joking. BURN IT.


See Swimmers for upcoming race – Totally forgot the name of it!

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