Ignition/Flash BackBlast Combo – it was MOIST

Ignition/Flash BackBlast Combo – it was MOIST

22 PAX made there way out this morning to an extremely hot and humid workout. 14 joined BottleCap for a little upper body improvement while 6 joint yours truly tackling the gradual yet killer hills of Champion Forest.


Mosey to shed back up to bus loop towards the hill

Hill – 15 Merkins (on/out/diamond) + 4 Burpees counting down

Head up hill to Champion Forest with 10 Plank Rotations at each light with 6 looping back

Head down 1/2 mile stretch of Dobson 25 Squats at end

Back up 1/2 mile loop of Waynewood and 25 Squats

Rinse Repeat

Back to entrance with 10 speed skaters each light

Mosey down to lower track entrance with 25 Dry Docks at each island

Run back to each track entrance doing 10 Bomb Jacks at each and then return.

Mosey back with 10 Bomb Jacks at bus loop. Then long way around to front of school to ensure we are exactly a minute late for COTs


Jog to front of Middle School for warmups

Imperial Squawker x 10

Merkins x 5

SSH x 20

MC x 5

Plank Jack x 5

Diamond Merkins x 5

Mosey to side of middle school for Triple Nickel

Side portico – 6 count wall merkins x 5

Back of school – Bench plank walks x 5

Soccer field for 4 corner escalator (jog 4 corners, 40 Merkins, jog 3 corners, 30 merkins, etc)Jog up and down hill until 6 gets in

Double Hill 7sUp and down both hills

Burpees at top of one hill

Bomb jacks at top of other hill

Backwards run back to COT with 10 knee slaps at each light post


During Ignition, with a couple of PAX disappearing at different times to take care of business (one PAX in the woods) over 5 miles was covered and more for the leaders who had to circle back multiple times for the 6. Hollywood and Legalzoom were upfront the entire time making things look easy. Dasher as well – minus his potty break. Actually everyone deserves a mention as there was no breeze and it was muggy. Nice job Rubbermaid and Ringer for battling with no breaks. Cobbler was the man who was pushing through the pain. Nice job brother.

During Flash, as everyone pushed really hard through the ailments. Deflated should be mention for crushing the Triple Nickel, Gaylord for owning the Escalator(whatever that is), Easy Button was the man on the 7s, was awesome having Spike back and even better seeing Popeye on a weekday pushing hard.


No announcements but don’t forget Foundation’s 4th bash and Swimmer’s mention of the Prostrate Cancer Run.

BottleCap closed with Prayer.

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