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When I graduated from first grade, all my dad did was tell me to get a job.

Although I’ve already had the honor of Q’ing a couple gloomy mornings, it was still a great lesson that gave me some good takeaways this morning at Cuthbertson Middle. DiCCS were given and discussed in detail (heh).


After a quick lap around the parking lot to get the blood flowing, PAX circled up and learned a core concept of Q’ing – how to count. One by one the PAX entered the circle to lead the rest in cadence. The next exercise is …, in position, move, in cadence, exercise, 1, 2, 3. If you didn’t get it right the first time, try again. It’s surprising how easy it is to forget such a simple routine when you’re out of breath and in front of a group of men. The actual exercises were unimportant because we were practicing the framework, but were mostly simple – side straddle hops, merkins, imperial walkers and YHC led some windmills. Stuff like that.

The Thang

A super quick takeoff from launch led to a game of pursuit of Goodfella to demonstrate the incorrect way to lead the PAX. After a sprint to the flagpole in front of the school we broke down exactly why Goodfellas lightning bolt across campus was incorrect Q behavior. Circle for the 6, try to keep everyone together, and/or plank it up. We then proceeded to learn a few different routines, by acting them out, that a Q could use for a good workout.

  • Jacob’s ladder around the pickup lane stopping at each streetlight for incline merkins
  • Triple Nickle with burpees, merkins & rosalita + discussion of variants – the beast & lucky sevens
  • Partner work – longhorns
  • Partner work – collective 100 step ups while partner b ran a half lap of pickup lane

We wrapped up the last 10 minutes of the workout with a few examples of what you can do in the last 10 minutes of a workout and then actually doing one of those, a jack webb.

Everyone then met up at the local coffeeteria, a Chic-Fil-A, to go over some incredibly in-depth documentation put together by Posse. After a good overview of it all, we wrapped it up and committed to going out there and showing what we learned in a Q soon.


  • Huge kudos to Posse for putting all this documentation and planning together, and Goodfella for being so damn helpful.
  • Goodfella had some great tips and tricks at Chic-Fil-A that I tried to capture
    • Do a nice long warmup, to really get everyone going and chew in to the start of workout
    • An AMRAP workout is a nice lazy man’s Q that can be a good one for someone nervous about timing
    • Set a 5-minute warning on your watch to make sure to get everyone back to launch on time
    • Put your weinke on your phone, and if your concerned about people poking fun at you about it you can hide it by playing music

Summer School Doesn’t Suck Anymore

Cuthbertson High School was the site were ten Q wannabes were transformed into Q ready-to-bes through the terrific tutelage of Posse and Goodfella. Our fieldwork included discussing the disclaimer, working on cadence, running through some exercises (including triple nickel) and dissecting the various parts of the COT.

Upon concluding the post, Q School continued as we ventured over to Chick-Fil-A (no bagel boys in site) for additional tips, instructions, and insight. After we filled our bellies and brains, well-deserved thank yous were extended to Posse and Goodfella. We parted as better men and better leaders.

Back to School

12 PAX showed up for the edjamaction of new Q’s. Free biscuits after. Thank you to Posse and Goodfella

The Warm-up:

-took a mosey around the parking lot, followed by some cadence tutorials (examples of good & bad)

The Thang:

-partner work followed by laps with incline merkins

-Triple Nickel (burpees, merkins, Rosalita)


Learned a lot, thanks to the expertise of instructors Posse and Goodfella

What Is Your Duck Poop Shuttle Time?

7 PAX decided to forego the fartsack and take advantage of the slightly cooler temps to “rock it” at Davinci. For some reason this seems to be a popular weekend to go out of town so YHC knew numbers would be light. In addition, YHC had a good buddy finally coming out for a first post after a long time trying to EH him. Armed with these strategic pieces of knowledge I decided to tailor the workout accordingly and do a lot of partner work so the 2nd F would be optimal.

The Thang

6:30 so disclaimer given but only 6 PAX at the time and no FNG. On the way out of the CFA parking lot YHC’s EH pulled up. We picked him up on the way out and moseyed to the Suntrust parking lot. Circled up and re-stated the disclaimer for the benefit of FNG (I may have known him forever but still don’t want any lawsuits).

SSH x 15

IW x 15

Peter Parkers x 12 then down to 6 inches

Parker Peters x 12 then down to 6 inches

Recover and mosey on to the First Citizens parking lot. This is really a mini parking lot so this was more of a continuation of the warm up. PAX partnered up with P1 bearcrawling from one side to the other with a merkin at each parking line. P2 runs a lap around the bank and flapjacks until the group made it down-back-down-back of the lot.

Mosey on to behind the Lash Studio on Ardrey Kell. Partner back up and like an Oprah show everyone gets a rock. Grab a rock suitable for both lifting and carrying (not running). Here things got interesting. Apparently rock piles are good homes for hornet/yellow jacket/wasp nests. After a couple of rocks were selected we disturbed a nest of something and there were some men scattering. Unfortunately our FNG got stung…spoiler alert I smell a name genesis. P1 did called exercise while P2 carried their rock over their head down to a spot and turned around. Flapjack until groups hit the combined designated number of reps.

Round 1 = 200 bicep curls


Round 2 = 60 offset hand merkins with right hand on rock then 60 offset merkins with left hand on rock


Round 3 = 150 tricep extensions


Put rocks back trying not to disturb our stinging friends. Mosey to the wall at the end of the Blakeney shopping center. Partner back up with P1 doing 5 wall climbs and P2 doing HR merkins. Flapjack for 4 sets. Saunter over to the Blakeney playground for some comfortable Mary on the rubberized playground. Various Mary called out by the PAX with J-Lo’s, flutter, Dolly, Merican Hammer and Escobar’s finale of the dying cockroach.

Back to launch with a couple of minutes left. Not wanting to waste any time the group planked with some hands and legs in the air and a couple of 10 counts of 6 inches. Finish.


On the way through Blakeney Escobar pointed out the high volume of duck poop and how it would be a good workout just avoiding the poop. YHC got a laugh thinking about running shuttle cone drills but instead of cones there is duck poop. Maybe for the next Q. Escobar also had the sage piece of advice that if the arms are not getting bigger from working out then just get smaller shirts. Swine Flu has embraced the gloom like no other and is a regular many times a week. The progress is showing brother and you are getting stronger and faster. Soft Pretzel was out in front as usual and would speed ahead to the next location and then circle back for the 6. Chopper continues to amaze me with his consistently high performance for any age must less at 59…RESPECT! Teddy, t-claps for posting after a cross country flight the night before. But I guess you need to keep posting in order to keep up with your social calendar.

After getting stung it was a foregone conclusion that our FNG would be named Hornet. Chopper clarified that they were actually wasps but all things considered we stuck with Hornet. I have known Hornet all my life so I told him he got off easy compared to the names that I had in mind. All kidding aside, great work buddy. You did awesome and look forward to seeing you in the gloom.


A couple of Sandbox opportunities to put on your calendar. Reach out to Soft Pretzel if you can help. August 3rd painting and yard work 9-12 for an individual in need. Steel Creek area. The Friday night of Labor Day weekend we will be helping out at the Sandbox prom.

Apparently there is a pool party or something next Saturday. Hit up Mighty Mite for details.

Friday Funday with a Chicken

Do not sue me , the school or anyone else, Cell Phone ( no one had , sorry Posse), CPR certified ( we had like 6 people)– go at your own pace and do not get hurt…

The Warm Up

Mosey around lot one time then hit the trail for additional warm up…

While Moseying down trial stop for below while also looking for Credit Score who pulled a Rudy — he went on a search for a potty break before the workout.

5 burpees

run backwards for from one light pole to another

5 burpees

Stop at Intersection for more warm up ( we found Credit Score — whewww) No man left behind while the Chicken is running the show,,)

15- low slow squats

14- imperial walkers

15- Merkins

Calf Stretches

10 Big Boy sit ups

The Thang

Mosey to Transporter Shed and grab some wall in squat position

25 air jabs

100 air presses

50 air jabs

50 air presses

Mosey up hill to cover area near buses for some individual work on your on- The TRIPLE NICKEL– WHOP WHOP!

5 – column merkins under covered area then mosey to benches near cafeteria for 30 dips- do 5 sets and since running did not qualify today as the 3rd exercises we did 2 burpees between each station there and back– complete 5 rounds

Mosey the long way around the other set of buses and the stairway ares for some partner work- but while on the way stop for some planks, shoulder tab merkins- 10 and bobby hurlies- 20 ( in honor of the OG Recalculating) to keep the PAX together

Partner work

200 crunches

50 big boy sit ups

50 mike tysons

other partner run to below stairs for 2 burpees

Mosey back to Transporter Shed for some wall work and stopping on way back to keep PAX together for Bobby Hurley’s- 25

Face wall and do Squats- 25

Wall stand and while holding your wall stand do 25 inverted imperial walkers- YIKES!! stole that from Shake in Bake..

Mosey back up trail

25 lunge walks


10 lunge walks


Sprint to the end of trail… whewwwwwwww

The Moleskin

Great morning for the PAX. All Pax members pushed themselves — we ended a great day only to be taken out by Flipper who stepped up with a great message… ( excellent words today young lad). I appreciate the opportunity to lead this fine group of men today.

FYI- This young group of men Flipper, Joy, and a new FNG ( Nutmeg) are pushing themselves and others around them- these dudes as teenagers are impressive as I would have never showed up with a bunch of old dudes at their age to do what we do— impressive to say the least..


Mad Dog- basically strong armed people for Q school – hopefully it worked 6-7 light workout at Cuthbertson tomorrow followed by paperwork and fellowship from 7-8 at Chic-Fil-A

Welcome a new FNG- Nutmeg– who is visited from out of town but is staying in the Briars and the Crest so we get extra credit– sorry Lawson !!

#tclap | 6

2nd Hand Smokers Teeth

Current Status:

  • Hops: Vigorously refreshing browser to see when BB is posted
  • Header: Furiously writing last 7 backblasts
  • TR: Indubitably watching WHAM videos on YouTube
  • Turkey Leg: Suspiciously Supergluing newly formed calluses back on
  • Chin Music: Regrettably remembering those double snatches
  • VooDoo: Unfortunately realizing that this morning was his fault
  • Hoover: Likely still doubled over laughing
  • Victoria: Seriously wondering what just happened
  • Baracus: Definitely not running (hang in there buddy)
  • Horsehead: Painfully realizing that I don’t normally do this much of the workout


  • Warmup without kettlebells, that some people skipped completely.
  • (10 merkins + 20 swings) * (5 sets)
  • 1-10 Ladder – Row, Swing, Goblet, Thruster
  • 30 Swings
  • 1-10 Ladder – 1H Swing, Clean, High Pull, Snatch
  • 30 Swings
  • Clean & Press Ladder
  • Snatch to Clean to Racked Squat Ladder
  • 30 Swings
  • RDLs
  • Sweat Ladder
  • Shakes


Despite my best efforts, today eventually landed upon us and now we are all wondering what really happened out there this morning. I’m still not completely sure, but here are a few nuggets:

  • Hops made his annual MeatHead trip for the purposes of shovelflag shaming and complaining about his injuries pre, during, and post workout. He’s always looking for that one quote to bring it home, and I think he keeps a journal of the dumb things that I allegedly say. Somehow, 2nd Hand Smokers Teeth came into play this morning. I’m not exactly sure what the context was, but it may have to do with TR’s self-proclaimed buttery whites.
  • The 80’s movie soundtrack was a huge hit, and the pax demonstrated some freakish knowledge of accompanying cultural references. Andrew Ridgeley being the 2nd member of WHAM! was likely the crown jewel of this inutile knowledge. Thanks TR. I’m glad I watched that YouTube video also.
  • Hoover seemed skeptical when I suggested the medical benefits of SuperGlue for chemically suturing wounds. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t trust me for your medical needs, after all we’ve been through together, but you have to make those decisions yourself.
  • Turkey Leg, on the other hand, just texted me and has somehow superglued himself to, well . . . himself. It’s complicated and a bit embarrassing. Somebody needs to call somebody to do something after we get some photos.
  • Nobody complained that Werewolves of London was technically a late 70’s tune that somehow got added to the list.
  • It’s nice that they just repaved the parking lot. It’s almost as if somebody has been pushing farming implements around on the asphalt. Suspicious.
  • My hands are still shaking a bit. Feels like I just hit an extra large range bucket of Dunlop DDHs with some Spalding blades.

If you know someone going through a tough time, don’t ask them if there is anything you can do. That’s a thoughtless gift card that never gets cashed in. You need to show up and serve them somehow, even it it means getting treated like a servant.

P.S. Here’s the playlist:

Until next time,


Sugar Hills

7 strong and brave men joined me to run up and down a couple of Waxhaw’s hills. I don’t get up to this site much but wanted to try and use some different terrain, while at the same time not venturing too far into the darkness to avoid being chased or mauled by some stray dog. Also, spirits were high knowing that the “burpee train” passed at 5:20, sparing the PAX from that suckfest.

WARM UP: Mosey around Waxhaw United Methodist Church to Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church. 15 x Mountain Climbers IC, 15 x Plank Jacks IC, 10 x Low Slow Squats IC, 10 x Merkins IC, 10 x Peter Parkers IC, 10 x Merkins IC

THANG: Run from Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, long hilly way-each rt .4 mi –10 jump squats one end, 10 HR Merkins other; at middle point each way, 2 burpees—3 round trips total No hand flutters x 20 IC, American Hammers x 10 IC waiting for 6

Mosey to parking lot on Church and Main St. intersection, plank work-civilian count-5 Carolina dry Docks, 10 Merkins, 15 Dry Docks, 10 Merkins, 5 Dry Docks

At Caldwell St. –from there run around bend of Church St.(turns into Givens St.) up to Broad St. intersection-10 HR Merkins at one end, 10 jump squats at other-Completed 2 round trips Heels to Heaven x 20 IC, Dolly x 20 IC waiting for 6

Mosey down Broome St. (turns into College St.) to Brevard. Up Brevard St. to Main St.-5 burpees at each intersection

Mosey back to the start-4 minutes left-audible to the picnic benches dips x 20 IC, Derkins x 10 IC, Dips x 10 IC, Derkins x 10 IC Done.

MOLESKIN: Great group of dudes as always. Fast crew out there as well. A few I don’t see that often, mostly because many of you foolios don’t come to Ignition or Pursuit. F3 Haw WestUC WWW3 whatever we are doesn’t have many hills so it’s always fun to use them when we can. Last time YHC Q’d Floater it was during the remnants of a hurricane and we didn’t get to move much. #recordlowattendance

Always good to get out of the comfort zone and try something different. Just kidding, it’s the same crap I always do, run, jump, merkin, etc, repeat-just with the added danger factor of #87. That’s why I had to prerun to scout for whether those pitbulls were roaming around and whether it was safe in the dark mean streets of the Haw. Regrettably, we only saw a deer and some annoying rat terrier that was attempting to wake up the entire neighborhood with its barking. I usually try and say something about each PAX but there was not a lot of chatter going on when we’re struggling for breath most of the time. Good thing there were only 7.   Some of this is actually true.  

Twinkle Toes-Told me how much he loved the Q and can’t wait for the next time I’m up. At least that’s what I heard. Grinded it out today.

Easy Button-Getting faster and faster over the summer. Is it the tank tops? We’ll find out in a few months if sleeves are his kryptonite.

Carb Load-Hasn’t missed a workout in 2 months. I think. How would I know? I don’t. But he’s always there. And kicking ass.

Shake & Bake-I know how much he loves to run so my goal was to make him happy. Pushed hard as always, though he probably wished we did more merkins to show off his perfect form.

High Hat– Probably felt like stopping a few times but never quit. He’s going to give the #respecters a run for their money when eligible soon during their annual Respect Games competition.

Deadwood –Despite the calf issues, continued to work hard up at the front. And, since everyone was on their best behavior, didn’t have to scold anyone (this doesn’t apply to Groupme)

Zinfandel– Way to represent for the Crest. He must have forgot that there was a boycott of my Q’s from the Briarcrest guys. #ilivedthere10years #hoaduesalwayspaidontime #thankstroy

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tonight-Gerber leads Clyent Dinner 5:30-He promises Old E & Mickeys 40s or Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and Zima as the low carb options *unconfirmed on the alcohol selections

Q School this Saturday-see signup links in GroupMe, Slack

The Big Leagues!

You put the time and work in, you watch the experienced Q’s and then it happens. You get the call! “Hey kid, you ready Q?” I bet Fuse Box never expected me to be as enthusiastic in my acceptance of the opportunity. I’ve been fired up for today’s Chiseled Q since that moment and appreciate all that came out loosen the V off this VQ. (very gentle)

You always have everything planned out in your head, but it is a little different when you’re thinking about next exercises and counting kinda counting. You know what you should say and you know when you should say it, but then you just miss it. Thank you to Dough Boy for the reminder. Everyone would have known when to stop if they were in my head, but that is not an ideal place for anyone.

DiCCS given. DJ Fuse Box starts the Party. Let’s begin….


  • 40 x SSH IC
  • 15 x Imperial Walker IC
  • 20 x American Hammers IC
  • Jog down to the end of the lot and Back
  • Get a partner and find a station

The Thang: 14 Stations

  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 10
  • Bobby Hurley’s – 10
  • Derkin’s – 15 (ouch)
  • Dips – 20
  • Flutters – 20 IC with partner
    • Reduced to 10 after 1st round (Bottle Neck Started)
  • Curls – 20
  • Shoulder Press – 20
  • LBC’s – 20 IC with partner
    • Reduced to 10 after 1st round (Bottle Neck Started)
  • Merkin’s – 15
  • Over Head Tri- Extensions – 20
  • Hammer Curls – 20
  • American Hammers – 20 IC with partner
    • Reduced to 10 after 1st round (Bottle Neck Started)
  • Reverse Fly’s – 20
    • Man Makers – 10 (everyone’s favorite)

Circle up for some Low Slow Squats – 15

The plan always was to get thru the cycle 3 times, but the program quickly turned into an AMRAP to keep things simple. Other Q’s in the past have successfully used running as a timer. I think I will have to revisit that technique for future Q’s.

Thanks again to the 15 PAX that came out and made my 1st Q such a great time. I hope you all felt the love I was trying to share.


F3 Dads Saturday at Dogwood Park – 9:00 am

September 14 prostate run with Need for Speed

The Burdens of Weight at Dromedary

We all need to change things up from time to time to get out of our Q comfort zone. After almost 3 years of F3, it’s easy for YHC to plan the same Speed + Strength + Core workouts that seem to be appreciated by the Pax. Well…at least YHC enjoys them, and I try to stick with my “Dolphin”. Sometimes it’s good to feel uncomfortable, to push through a challenge, and grow as a man. Today would be one of those days for YHC and my 14 brothers who were courageous enough to get out of bed when many others either did not, or are unable. Let’s go!


After a quick Warm-up to the rock pile, every Pax would grab a LIFTING ROCK (some didn’t adhere to the direction). YHC grabbed one of the Cinder Blocks in hopes of some others doing the same. No dice! I recommended a Cinder Block again…still no takers! Sheesh. Mosey with your Pebbles Rocks up the driveway to the front of the school. Boy, this Cinder Block is heavy!

Circle up with your Rock/Cinder Block for a little dynamic stretching for what was about to come. Stretches included:

  • Bent over Hamstring/Back Stretch
  • Right Arm across the body for shoulder/flap jack
  • Right Arm over head for tricep/flap jack
  • “Huggers” a.k.a. the Michael Phelps stretch
  • Yoga Stretch sequence of Upward Dog/Downward Dog/Runners Pose…repeat. Done!

Now grab your rock for (25) Bicep Curls (IC)…drop the rock and run a hot lap.

Rotate one place to your right, grab the rock for (20) 3-count Bicep Curls, starting in the Up Position…drop the rock and run a hot lap.

Rotate two places to your right, grab the rock for (20) 3-count Bicep Curls, starting in the Down Position…drop the rock and run a hot lap. Done!

Mosey to the side Driveway with your rock for Suicides. After running to each of the (3) light poles, come back to your Rock for (10) Overhead Presses. Upped the count to (20) after the last 2 runs.

This was about the time that YHC (and everyone else) realized that Gerber was making us all look like snails, and he was Turbo! The humidity didn’t affect Gerber, but if it did, he definitely didn’t show it. Nice work, brother. “That Snail is FAAAAAST”!

Grab your rock and mosey to the Globe. At the Globe, circle up again for:

  • (20) Flutters w/Rocks overhead. When finished, backward run around the Globe
  • (20) Bench Presses with the Rocks. When finished, side shuffle around the Globe, facing opposite direction at the 1/2 way point. Done!

Mosey to tennis court benches for (20) Step-ups with your Rock. Ouch! Done!

Mosey to Speed Bumps…partner up for:

  • P1 (100) Tris / P2 Run to other speed bump 
  • P1 (100) Curl-to-Press / P2 Run to other speed bump

Done! 5 minutes left…mosey back passed the buses and return the rock. Half way there, it was clear we all YHC needed a breather after carrying the Cinder Block the entire workout. Stop for:

  • (5) Merkins (Civilian Count)
  • (5) Wide-arm Merkins (CC)
  • (5) Diamond Merkins (CC)
  • (5) Merkins (CC)

Now, return your rocks and head back for COT. Done!


As usual, the Dromedary Pax worked hard today, A shout out to Garbage Plate for showing up 2 days in a row even though his dad, Pocahontas, is out of town. He’s 16, fellas! Let that sink in. What are your excuses? Also good to see Bratwurst’s 14 year old 2.0, “Howie” out there today!

A Happy Birthday to Endo, who turns 45!

Great job by Mad Dog and Dasher in showing up today as part of the WUC “M.A.S.H. Unit”. Both knew they were not at 100% with injuries, but worked hard even at a slower pace than usual. That’s what it’s all about. We never quite feel “100%” in life, but at Fathers, Providers, Leaders we need to show up EVERY DAY and perform. It’s the expectation God has put on us as men and we need to work through our tough times.

So…the title of this BB is “The Burdens of Weight” for a reason. While having my (almost) daily Coffeteria with my wife on our porch when I return from F3, we talked about how carrying that extra weight around today felt awkward/hard/annoying/frustrating/etc. (at least for YHC). It was hard carrying that weight, and I believe every man felt the same way today. That’s why it’s important to remember that we are blessed to have our brothers of F3. We don’t have to carry the “weight” or burden of life on our own. We have each other’s back and God does as well. He is the one who lifts our burdens, and that’s enough.

“I am not able to carry all this people alone; the burden is too heavy for me” Numbers 11:14 ESV

When Lazy Boy asked me if he could help me out by taking the Cinder Block during our final mosey to the rock pile, I told him, “No, I’ve got it for now”. I wanted to finish what I started and with the rock I started with. It was a burden though, and when we got to the breather of Merkins (some breather, huh?), I asked him if he would take the Cinder Block for me. He did…all I had to do was ask. This is symbolic by design, and what God put on my heart today! Don’t be like me…ask for help, or at least take it when someone offers.Thanks for your help today, Lazy Boy! I definitely needed it.


  • Q School this Saturday. 6-7am workout at Cuthbertson Middle School. Coffeteria/Discussion at Chick-Fil-A in Wesley Chapel immediately after. Nice job by Posse for pulling this all together.
  • Mad Dog announced he is looking for someone to step up to be the new Site Q with Rubbermaid at Commitment (Saturday mornings at Nesbit Park).
  • There may have been another announcement or two, but I can’t recall them right now!

Thanks to OneStar for taking us out in prayer today.

Keep working hard, fellas. And let me know if/how I can help you in any way (and be helped)!

Iron Sharpens Iron!

Exhaustion in Plain Sight

Summer is my favorite time to Q; when I can run around buses without Diesel Death (from the bus; but your flatulence is just as deadly) or fear of vehicular manslaughter. But the Flash / Impromptu / Ignition buses are parked such that a Cheddar Weave is impossible. Others have used them as accessories; I wanted to feature them today.

Spike rolls in early and barely misses the Ignition crowd. I’m glad he chooses to stick with us.

DiCCS properly (if not semi-erotically) administered.


Last time I Q’ed here, I introduced the Turpee. I didn’t realize it would take off like that, but here’s what it looks like. With a brief demo, I asked the Pax to knock out 4 of them. They obliged, and thus unwittingly celebrated my 4th anniversary in F3. See Zin, you don’t have to show all your cards up front.

The Q juice kicked in on T4, and we I was off like Jason Statham in Crank (NSFW). To the front of the school for ascending / descending Turpees. One at the first light; 2 at the second, etc; up to 7, then work back down to 1. Added another element I call the Tortoise & the Hare. We would stop this foolishness when either:
+ The fastest person made it from 1 – 7 – 1
+ The slowest person made it from 1 – 7.
The Tortoise won, which surprised me. Also, a surprise was not many lights between T & H. Final surprise, I didn’t get passed until light 3

Mosey to the 8th bus on the Middle School side. Plank while all come in. Point out to Pax that UCPS came out 30 minutes ago to draw a chalk line separating the 8th from the 9th bus.
Peter Parker right leg only while Pax ponder why.

Mosey to the 16th bus. Same kind of chalk line.
Peter Parker left leg only while Pax postulate if Posse is responsible for these and the Nazca lines.

Told to pair up by opposite ability. To help figure that out, we’re going to run backwards uphill the way we came. The first finisher will pair with the last, and so on. Pairs made; let’s head to the benches in front of the cafeteria.

  • Round 1
    • 150 Dips
    • 150 Derkins
    • Other partner is running to touch buses #1 – 8
    • Pick up other teams’ counts when you finish
  • Round 2 (move to basketball court)
    • 125 Bobby Hurleys
    • 125 Heels to Heaven
    • Other partner touches buses #9 – 16
  • Round 3 (move close to Rudy’s Porcelain Bus)
    • 100 Mike Tyson’s (without a wall)
    • 100 Donkey Kicks (without a wall)
    • Other partner touches buses #17 – 23

I realize in Round 1 Dasher & Mad Dog have paired up. T-claps to Mad Dog for triaging Dasher into MASH mid-workout. They’re doing yoga in the corner. Which one of you is Hawkeye?

Round 2, I cross paths with Big Tuna, whose complaint became today’s title.

Round 3, I hear the #OldManGrunt of Recalculating, and I know I’ve done OK.

And throughout the workout, I hear Fuse #QWhispering as he tries to fill his Chiseled calendar. Fish in your own pond.

Great work by those teams finishing early to help out on the reps in each round! My partner, Joy, was a beast like I have never seen from him before. At each handoff, he consistently had more reps than me across all rounds. Impressive!

To avoid the chain decapitation of Dromedary last week, I pointed out the bright yellow chain to step over to make our way to the field. However, I neglected to point out a hole just 1 step beyond the chain. Chainsaw found it with his ankle, sorry to say.

Up to the top of the field for the Tunnel of Love. Assumed it would be a first for many. Pax plank shoulder to shoulder while one end of the line army crawls under the group to the other end. #ManTouchMonday

Back to the sidewalk. Five jump squats at each light as we go back to start. SSH & IW IC while everyone comes in.


Yeah, I had a lot of stuff in here. That’s why it took an extra day. Ultimately I couldn’t write it without rambling. A story for another time, perhaps.


Q School – If you have Q’ed less than a handful of times, you need it. If you’ve never had access to write a backblast, help is in the sign up as well. THIS Saturday, 7/20. Hands-on training to ensure your success.

Elevation Church is beginning Love Week the last week in July. Lots of 3rd F opportunities throughout the area. Don’t need to be a member to help. Mad Dog and others will be resources for more questions.

Swimmers is Q’ing Zero Prostate Cancer 5k Run/Walk in Ballantyne 9/14. Speed for Need will be there.

If you are a Site Q, and you are feeling like it is time to roll off, this is the perfect time. We just had Site Q School last Saturday, and there are some men ready to take on new leadership roles within F3. Talk to your co-Site Q.

See Legal Zoom about the campground revival down near Mineral springs. Equal parts preachin’, playin’, and puddin’ for the 3rd week in July.

F3 Dad’s still going strong on Saturdays at 0900 in Dogwood Park
121 Lester Davis Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173
Nails is on Q this Saturday, but see Gerber to pick up your Q.