We’re going streaking…

We’re going streaking…

In honor of the Yankees streak of 28 games with a home run, Rudy decided to start his very own F3 streak – 2 days in a row taking a mid-workout dump in the great outdoors.

14 PAX came together for a Chiseled AMRAP. D(minus the ICCS) given and off for a tour of the course:

  • Station 1: Crawl Bear up/Bear Crawl down Mt. Chiseled
  • Station 2: 25x Kettle Bell/Cement Bucket Swings
  • Station 3: Hairburners down and back
  • Station 4: 10 5 Man Makers (Burpee audible during traffic jams)
  • Station 5: 25x Military Press
  • Station 6: 4x Tire Flips
  • Station 7: 25x dumbell curls
  • Station 8: 25x Derkins
  • Station 9: 25x Tricep extension w/slam balls
  • Station 10: 25x long/curl bar curls

Circle up for some warm-up merkins and leg stretches and rules given – 2 man teams, shotgun start and go. Called everyone in with about a minute to spare; LBCs to run out the clock

Moleskin – Everyone pushed through and seemed to have gotten some good work in. Each team managed about 2.5 laps while working through the various traffic jams especially around the time consuming Man Makers. The next version will require a little more thought and alot more weights per station but great initial layout by Rudy. Welcome 2 FNGs – Crabgrass and Spike.

Announcements – Zin pumped up Floater tomorrow. Swimmers shared some info about the ZERO Prostate Cancer charity 5k on September 14th. Details on Slack and maybe coming soon to Groupme.

Thanks to Rudy for taking us out.

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