Moving like a Tattoo

Moving like a Tattoo

14 men gathered at Charlotte Catholic and most were surprised that YHC was there 5 minutes before the workout began. I knew that my usual one-minute roll-up would stress out the site Q’s, so I did my best to get there early. Apparently that is a thing, but it appears that most people spend that time doing some fake stretches. I gave a brief disclaimer (too brief for Lorax as he commented that “lawsuits are still on the table”. I never went to law school, but I’m pretty sure that just telling someone that they can’t sue you doesn’t actually keep them from being able to sue you).

The Thang

We moseyed up the short ramps to the top of the garage and circled up for a little:

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Plank jack x 10 IC

Dolly x 10 IC

Flutter x 10 IC

Then, we did a lunge walk from the orange cones to the wall and headed down the stairs to the rock pile.

Grabbed rocks and headed back to below the garage for a little Triple Nickel. 5 pull-ups on the bar, take rock to the top level of the garage, 5 burpees with the rock (or “rockies” as Mermaid calls them), back down for 5 times (bringing the rock back with you on the last set).

Then, I gave the PAX some flexibility for a set of 150 reps between curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions. Didn’t matter what order as long as you got to 150 in total. Moseyed back to the rock pile to deposit the rock.

When back to the fence outside of the stadium for a little ladder action. Set of heel taps, LBCs, and tricep dips on the curb. 5. 10. 15

Then, did two rotations around the football stadium doing 10 merkins at each of the four corners. First set regular, second set diamond.

All you got back to the launch where we did a bunch of plank exercises for about 5 minutes.


Great group out there today as always. Everyone was pushing it hard, with Snuka and Lorax leading the way mostly. Interesting chatter during the count to 150 with Clover calling out Mermaid for his tattoo and asking him if the tattoo has moved on him. No one believed that Clover was serious but apparently that is a thing. Speaking of Clover, happy 45th birthday!

Heard some mumble chatter from the site Q for walking once between exercises, but I had to remind him that we don’t leave anyone behind in F3. I felt obligated to push the PAX hard today knowing that Lorax will be following me up in a week. And yes, the dips were a little lame on the curb and Champagne said that I should have called them little baby dips. Next time.


Ranger is headed off next week to start his physical training program for the armed services (not sure which branch) so keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He shared some powerful words about what F3 has meant to him and how it has prepared him for his challenge ahead. Great encouragement to all.

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