School’s Out For Summer

School’s Out For Summer

That song got stuck in my head for some reason as we were all breathing in that dense humid air. I love summer, I wish it was all year round, there just something fun about it, maybe fond memories of no more getting up for school, vacations or who knows but I love it. With that I was excited and anxious to Q the brave as I typically am. The expectations are high with this group, they come to work out and I know I have to give everything I got to keep them happy. 5:14, Disclaimer Check, 5:15, GO.

The Thang: Mosey starts quickly out the gate for most it was between a 7:15 and 8:30 Pace toward Stonecrest. Stop a couple times for a very brief warm up and some burpees to arrive at some parking lot for 11’s, Burpees on one end, merkins on the other. Finish up with some Mary for the Six and mosey across the street to the hill. 7’s on hill. Merkins at the bottom, Air squats at the top. Finish with some mary for the six. Next, 4 corners around the “mall?” starting with 20 Burpees, 15,10 and finish with 5 at each corner. Mosey back to start with 10 jump squats at each intersection. Finish with some sprints for roughly 4.6 miles and 14 flights of stairs (according to Garmin).

Moleskin: 3 Respects (whats your excuse????) not to hit the Brave. They are the leaders. They are who we need to be when and if we ever grow up. SnowFlake has always em(bodied), figuratively and literally, F3 and the definition of leadership, I hope to be somewhere close to his shape when I am 57. I will follow that man where ever he goes, he’s doing it right. Frehelies continues to impress me and gets after it and Paper Jam doesn’t quit and keeps doing something rather then sitting at home because he is injured. As far as the rest, I saw all heart today and perseverance. Burpees are a drag, that’s why they are a great exercise but no excuses today, we were all in it and in it and in it together to finish Nice work gents.


Sandbox Prom Event~ August 30~ Hotel in Concord 6-930ish

Sandbox Speed for Need November 2

SOB Summer Pool Party Saturday July 27th (Sign up today on Slack)

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