Oh, The Places we will go

Oh, The Places we will go

Twenty Pax were crazy enough to show up for me trying to find a way to make them anguish in pain or simply wish that they had fart-sacked like Deflated. As a Clydesdale, most people have come to expect less running when you see a Q who weighs in at 265 lbs. However, it is more fun to surprise the pack and offer a Dasher Q in a Clydesdale package

Let’s Mosey: WThe PAX headed down the path, stopping at every light for a different exercise, starting with 20 side straddle hops, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Potato Pickers, Moroccan Night clubs, Low Slow Squats, and finishing with everyone’s favorite, Mike Tysons. We mosied up to the circle near the high school to plank while the six arrived. They, unfortunately, got to run more as we jogged to the high school parking lot. The PAX was introduced to the Triple T Nickel which consisted of 5 squats at the bottom, run out to the T and perform 5 t-Merkins, and run to the top of the hill for 5 Full Situps. Repeat the process 5 times and you have 2 miles and a lot of complaints. Once we finished at the bottom, Run Flat was appreciative of having to Mosey back to the top of the hill. After a brief 10 count, we did 10 squatting jabs at one light and alternated to a burpee at the other light all the way back to the middle school. Finally, we grabbed some bench for 25 dips, ran a lap, and did 25 more dips. We finished with a plank for the last 60 seconds.

COT: We graduated a few new Gazelles into the group after today’s adventure in running. Great workout and thanks for the patience on the backblast.

Announcements: Fix it for Christ, Show Up at Waxhaw Methodist on Saturday at 7:00 AM, No Signup Necessary- COme Fix a local home to help a family out

F3 Dads is tomorrow as well. Google it for details

Wrong Turn needs help moving tomorrow. Reach out to Legalized to help after Coffeteria.

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