It’s so freaking Humid

  • When:06/18/2019
  • QIC: Big Hairy c/o gloss

It’s so freaking Humid

Mosey to track

COP IW Cad Merkins Cad MC Cad

Partner work. Speed matters

Partner race

Winner 5 Merkins Loser 15 burpees

15 Merkins and 15 squats X4

Partner up One runs while other does exercise flap jack 100 Merkins 200 lbc 100 squats


Mosey to rock pile 100 curls 200 presses While other partner runs to bridge. Flap jack

Mosey up to parking lot 7’s

Mosey to launch Merkins o Rama ish. Mary


Mole It was rather moist out there along with the chatter it made for a wonderful morning of schweaty men. Hops found my alter ego tag and I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to get back into that account. Good times from years gone by. Hard to believe that has been 4 years ago. There was so much talking so I kept the pax running so Spackler would actually get a workout in. Good to see the group out there. I always enjoy the crap I get because if you can’t take it don’t dish it out. The partner race was one that I dug up from my site q time at Death Valley many moons ago. Twas a good one. Decided to take the shirt off after a ton of pressure from the group. Pudding wasn’t impressed nor was Jet Fuel. Don’t worry boys. I’m not either. Welcome Jobu. Not clue how we got to that but the baseball fanatics were all over it during the workout. No announcements sadly. We are in the dog days of summer where it’s just hot and moist. Grind through it and keep out there.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:56 pm - Jun 19, 2019

Strong work getting 7 T-claps for a back blast you mailed in.

HopsPosted on3:26 pm - Jun 19, 2019

Great to have Jobu (our FNG) join the pax (T-claps to Purell for the EH)…along with Sprockets, Spackler, Jet Fuel, Homer, Thunder Road, Puddin’ Pop, HIPAA, Hopper, Billy Goat & Geraldo. I realized at about 0600 that I was wearing two different shoes…that must have been what slowed me down on the partner races.
Good Q BigHairyShirtless – 2.65 miles is acceptable for a bootcamp; working in some hills & rocks as well. No burpees, though, so room for improvement next time.
Alf on Q next week, so depending on whether he wants a true break from FastTwitching – the mileage could be a bit higher. I’ll be DR, so the SF will not be there. #cobains

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on4:05 pm - Jun 19, 2019

    Hops – your comment deserves more T-claps than the BB

      Semi-GlossPosted on8:25 pm - Jun 19, 2019

      Hang in there champ. We are all praying for you. Sorry you only got 7 T-Claps. I know you worked hard on it. I was busy today so I didn’t get a chance to see your comments. Whew that workout looked tough. Man. Take care Chelmsy

        Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:40 pm - Jun 20, 2019

        I do give you props for gas lighting me into commenting so you also get the lead in the comment section. You must have some other secret trick for getting t-claps as well.

        However, If writing a weak BB is what you have to do to become the “champ” then I’ll never attempt to be the champ (even though I might end up there since my BB’s are generally mediocre even if not as bad as yours).

HopsPosted on3:27 pm - Jun 19, 2019

scratch, the no burpees comment – they were a penalty for those of us losers in the partner race.

SpacklerPosted on12:15 pm - Jun 20, 2019

Way to make BB’s great again Gloss! As I’ve said in the past, no reason to put effort into them anymore. Only ones you need to read are HH’s. BTW, a solid 15 t-claps now. Freedom!

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:36 pm - Jun 20, 2019

    We need a special counsel (I hear Mueller is available) as there seems to be pay to T-clap going on here. A mediocre BB (at best) getting 10+ t-claps is a F3 Nation scandal.

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