“Area 51 workouts are much harder than SOB” – Anonymous

“Area 51 workouts are much harder than SOB” – Anonymous

This AO is by far the hardest workout of any Wednesday site in F3 nation” – Site Q

The Site Q needs to fix the darn stop light at the intersection so PAX don’t arrive late

Chelms upon arriving 1 minute early – which is 4 minutes late in my book

It was a tense beginning with Purple Haze visibly anxious that he was going to have to take the Q but relieved when YHC drove up at 5:29. The rest of the PAX were not so sure. YHC is old but that means I’m more ornery in the early morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to middle of parking lot for COP (all in cadence to 10) – SSH, Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Parker Peters (confused some PAX), and slow squats.

Five hard backward runs down the lot with recovery pace back to start line.

Grab a lifting rock for some suicide ladders. 5, 10, 15, 20 of called exercises between starting point and lines on the lot (carry rock only to first line on first two rounds)

  • Round 1 – Curls and merkins
  • Round 2 – Squats and CDD
  • Round 3 – (carry rock each time but only to first line) Sit ups and push presses
  • Round 4 – Lunge walks between two signs with push presses in between and after first and second trip down

Drop off rocks and jog down to other end of campus for six minutes of mary with dolly, rosalita, flutters, and LBC

Over to hot box for three sets of dips, decline merkins, and step ups (5, 10, 15)

Back to parking lot for 6 circuits of karaoke (hard down and recovery back). Then some bear crawl, broad jumps, crab walks, and lunges before heading back to cars. Finished up last few minutes with flutters and LBC

Naked Moleskin:

The anonymous source for the title of the BB is someone that likes to play tag and also just wants everyone to get along. YHC takes it as a compliment and also had to include it so I could gas light the SOB crowd. I’ll now be known in SOB land as Chelms aka Tater Tot aka They Hate Me. Lorax immediately jumped in to support this claim with proof, per him, being that Anvil is the hardest Wednesday workout.

Lorax needs a contact at DOT to get the lights fixed. Other than Hops, the rest of us follow stop light rules and don’t run red lights. Speculation is that Brilleaux hacked into the system so he would have an excuse every week for being late (he says I left early today and his protest has been registered with the F3 Area 51 rules committee)

Purple Haze was heard grumbling early on since we didn’t start immediately with COP but he got over it. He even listened to my directions once (first time ever). Based on his suggestion, a one armed plank with weight on right hand is now done with left arm down since only right should be held up in the air (#MAGA)

I learned this am that they found He Hate Me after he had gone missing. Per Lorax, he was found somewhere in SC with some derogatory remark that PH was not able to reply too. Of course, it’s hard to reply to a derogatory remark about S.C. because, well, it’s SC.

YHC heard a few PAX silently ask for reminder as to what a Parker Peter is. I’ll have to admit I meant to call Peter Parker but Parker Peter is a real exercise.

The Respects were in full force this morning with 4 of the 10 over 50. Strong work but I still content that Snooka could not pass a drug test if he had too.


Pool party hosted by our anonymous source that likes playing tag after the Crane Relays. $10 if you are in SOB land but free if you live in Area 51 because we’re better and they just want us to show up to make the party cool and fun.

Please consider posting one Saturday morning at 11am for teen workout at the Stratford Robinson YMCA on West Blvd. – 2.0 friendly

Snowflake took us out in prayer – AYE

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HopsPosted on6:10 pm - Jun 19, 2019

That workout sounded really easy.
I run orange lights, not red ones.

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