Start Your Engines…..

Start Your Engines…..

19 Pax came out for a good beat down today at Flash. Seeing as I failed to write a backblast for the Nesbit 300, I figured I would fire up the Cuthbertson 300 and get everyone tuned up, so to speak, for their week.

The Thang

Gave the DICCS. No warm up. We warm up on the move. Let’s get after it. Paula Abdul down the backroad to Transporters Shed. 10 Merkins at each 2nd light, run back one, then advance two. Wash, rinse, repeat until you make it to the Shed. Plank it up and wait for the six.

Pair up with something resembling a Gazelle (slim pickings in this crowd 🙂 Grab a lifting rock and prepare to fire up your engines for the Cuthbertson 300. Partner one runs to the top of Bus Hill to the portico and runs back down. Partner two does the exercises. 100 curls, 200 overhead press and 300 supine bench presses.

Next up on the docket – Lieutenant Dan’s. Tupperware was next to me and let me know he had just done these at Commitment on Saturday. Even better. 1 Squat and 4 Backward Lunges. We went around the circle up to 10/40…took a 10 count pause…then back down from 10/40 to 1/4. For those of you that want the math…you did 110 squats and 440 backward lunges.

Mosey back up the back road to the start, stopping at each light for 10 single count flutters. Circle up at the start where Shake and Bake led us in heels to heaven for the remaining 1.5 minutes.


Well the lack of a proper circle warm up was not a fan favorite. I caught some mild grumbling. I’m totally okay with that. The only Marine you have to worry about is the one who isn’t complaining. I think everyone had a good workout. Goodfella had both 2.0’s with him which was nice to see. Flash is 3 foot tall beast.


  • Annual Nali family father’s day 3 on 3 basketball/cookout this Saturday. Sharpen up your elbows, make a dish to serve BBQ style, and BYOB.
  • Fix it for Christ – happens next week. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June
  • Adding a new twist to future workouts. After workout post parties to allow some of us old guys to stretch out a bit after the regular beat down. 10-15 minutes of stretching

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