Get me off this F’n Roller Coaster

Get me off this F’n Roller Coaster

6 PAX posted for a Roller Coaster ride at Horsey (The Mouth may have barfed before the train pulled into the parking lot at 6:15 while YHC was fine since I ran on a virtually empty stomach – seasoned veteran).

The Thang – Run down to bottom of Blue Ridge for instructions. Route is up to Mountain View and take a right, wind around to Wilby and take all the way down to Sardis. Turnaround to head back up Wilby and then veer right onto Mountain View before taking right back down Blue Ridge. We then continued this loop but adding hill repeats on the three steep hills with 2 rounds the 2nd time and 3 rounds the third time. Run as hard as you can up the hill and then mosey/walk back down to get heart rate back down. The third time around was awful and only Sea World and Full House wanted to continue riding the coaster past 6:00am. The other four did some recovery exercises at the flag pole until the two over achievers made it back before a resounding Pledge of Allegiance at 6:10. We then sprinted/limped/Ubered back to the parking lot for COT. Mileage was in the 5 to 6.5 mile range is my guess (YHC was on the low end of the range)

NM – The guy who stated “Everyone likes a roller coaster” has never posted to Horsey (much like most of F3 Area 51 and Metro this year). This roller coaster not only can make you hurl but also causes dizziness, shortness or complete lack of breath, black-outs, insulting of friendly guys next to you and general hate for early morning. But otherwise, it’s great.

Don’t know if good or bad but I think Chester may have been kicked out of the nest by his parents. Have yet to see anyone outside in their bath robe smoking cigarettes but the dad continues to leave at 5:30. This may be why Prohibition stopped posting #bromance.

Mr. Belding didn’t realize what he was getting into (I gave him a kick ass sales pitch as follows: Me – “You want to run some hills in the am” Mr B – “Sure” Me – “Great – pick you up at 5) but he did come to recognize the value of a good Horsey workout. He even offered me free fire wood when I dropped him off.

I’d say there were not 6 men in F3 nation that got in a harder workout this am. Hill repeats after 4 miles of running are no joke. The few minutes of Mary/plank work at 6:05 were pure bliss compared to running the hills.

Egypt has the Q next week and I’ve been told it involves whips and chains. Luckily, I”ll be DR in Wilmington next week.

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