Webs and Ladders, and more Webs and Ladders

Webs and Ladders, and more Webs and Ladders

28 Pax joined me at Dromedary for a web/ladder workout. 65 degrees and breezy, it was a perfect morning for a beatdown. Last time I Qed this site my opening mosey was a mile long and it killed hurt a few people. I promised Goodfella I would keep it “chill” today and keep the mileage low. We hit 1.75 according to Zinfandel…I have failed to stop my watch all week! Let’s go!

That Thang


  • Short mosey around outer parking lot and circle up.
  • 10 SSH
  • Merkins IC – Regular, Wide, Diamond, Regular
  • 10 IC 6” Plank Jacks
  • 10 Low Slow Squats
  • Leg Stretch



  • 1 Sit Up / 4 American Hammers / 2 Merkins



  • 10 kick/10 sec hold – 1 Merkin2,3,4… This was a crowd favorite!

Mosey to back to PL


  • 1  squat/ 4 Jump Lunges/ 1 Burpee
  • ** @ 6/24 Squats/ Monkey – 7/28 etc – Not sure which Pax tried to skip a number but this triggered me to start the count over…no Q jacking today!

Mosey back to parking lot near COT


  • Burpee/extra Merkin each round – AUDIBLE – Things were going good until we came to a few Pax that had a solid conversation going while standing there watching us do burpees. I could care less if Pax talk, modify or walk…be a slacker you do you…but at least pay attention. The 2nd F is where you need to be. This audible caused YHC to get little fired up.  I split the group in half, we ran the opposite direction and did 5 burpees OYO and 10 when we ran back. Let’s try this again, shall we?


  • One Pax calls out an exercise and runs while the Pax do it.  I started and called out burpees, I was still a little pissed fired up..have some more burpees guys, you’re welcome.  Zinfandel thought he would be cute and make the circle smaller thus doing fewer burpees…AUDIBLE – 2 laps instead of one – Sorry Not Sorry Zin, I wanted everyone to suffer work hard. The opening Cpt. Therkin wasn’t enough for some Pax, I think we did 2-3 marry exercises in a row, I’m good with that!! Time was running out and I wanted to get he heart rates back up and the circle of pain doesn’t really do that.


Start at curb down and back – 6 runs total

15 sec break Rinse/Repeat



Welcome High Hat and Hey Wang. I’ve known High Hat for a few years, great guy and an excellent drummer. I hope to see both of you again soon!

Even though I mentioned a few Pax “doing their own thing” for one exercise, they still worked super hard, everyone did! I love seeing the 2.0’s post as well. It’s really funny when the 2.0’s outwork Pax that post constantly. Well done Flash, Hawk-Eye, and Blue Steel!!

Everyone knows that when I’m trying to kill it at a workout that I’m not going to do a ton of talking unless it’s during a mosey. If Pax want to talk to each other or slack, Feel Free. Personally, I don’t get up at 4:45 to half-ass slack during posts. But like Goodfella said, guys, post for different reasons and I’m good with that…Just know I’m here to work! I love you yall and wouldn’t be where I am without you, but I will call you out. 😉 You need anything just ask, I have all your backs!! Thanks to everyone that kept me straight on my counting…


3 on 3 Basketball Tournament at Bottle Caps crib – $5 entry per person 4:00 on Saturday – Reach out to Bottle Cap for questions/details

An additional AO is possibly forming in the Marvin area. No location or day of the week has been picked at this time. Goodfella is coordinating.

YHC is on Q at The Floater, mileage is the goal.

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