Zinfandel & Banjo’s Drunken Musical!!!

Zinfandel & Banjo’s Drunken Musical!!!

At about 10:01AM yesterday Dancing Bear shares that Damascus is out as Q due to bad case of vaginitis (I’m afraid to google it). Banjo and I share a special bond as two bros that drink big ol’ stanky IPAs at the pool while our kids endlessly go down the waterslide. It’s allowed us to bond in ways most men will never experience, pinky’s out.

Posting with this damn vest I didn’t want to take on a whole Q on short notice but Banjo was willing to split and who am I not to partner up. Then a few hours later he told me he was eating 1.5 ribeyes and had opened a magnum of red wine. Will I be alone? Will his knee fill up with fluid? Will the gout flare up? Only time will tell….

Roll up at 5:17AM with already like 8 bros in the lot. Holy sheet how many guys are going to be here this morning? Swimmers’ 2.0 and now Bottle Cap’s 2.0….. oh man, Rudy’s 2.0…..wait, where you guys going…. and Rudy’s leaving.

60 seconds to start. DiCCS covered and an FNG is here. Let’s go!!!


Mosey around the lot, circle up:

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

3. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

4. 20 x Squats CC

5. 20 x Merkins CC

6. Calf Stretch

7. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

Mosey to entrance for 4 corners, go around one time, I will call recover based on time.

1. 30 x Lunges

2. 30 x Monkey Humpers

3. 30 x Speed Skaters

4. 30 x Bobby Hurley’s

Mosey to front of elementary school, line up across for Bear Crawl, Dry Dock Webb. Call it after 8 rounds complete….

Banjo’s showtime….Mosey to playground for “Cindy”. 5 rounds with a run to the 2nd light in between each round. Rounds=5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins 15 squats.

Mosey back to parking lot. Gazelle partner with Clydesdale run do 5 x burpees at each end 5 x hand slap Merkins in middle. 5 rounds total

Partner up in 3s. 2 partners plank while other partner completes suicide type run.

Line up. Burpee Indian run. Then on your 6 for pistol LBCs until time is up. Complete.

Start with a thigh burner, loosen the shoulders and then get shredded….repeat!


I forgot how thick the air gets in the summer, like breathing through a freaking straw. Everyone keeps pushing through and it’s great to see so many guys getting further ahead in the ranks. That weight will fall off even faster in these summer months with the increased temp alone!

Thanks Banjo for splitting the Q! You don’t look like someone that would have any athletic ability at all honestly at first glance but after posting together for the last 11 months, you always push passed any comfort levels. This morning was no different, great mix of pain stations!

I hope to hear more about Rudy’s son and hope it wasn’t the pâté at dinner that set his body on fire the moment he touched asphalt this morning. I know I tried to sell you on the bidet upgrade to your throne while at Dreamchasers Friday night. I don’t post without a 10-25 minute bidet session, not kidding. The best $40 of your life and takes 5 minutes to install. Don’t believe me, can this many positive reviews be wrong??!??

Overall I don’t remember much else from the workout. The last thing I had to count was my Bear Crawl Dry Docks and thank you to BC and GF for counting rounds 7 & 8. I was spent! That “Cindy” at the playground is a welcome and dreaded exercise with the local jungle gym. Overall everyone got over 2mi + it wasn’t a complete debacle of people during each exercise = success!

I actually do remember now wanting to punch Banjo in the face after he called out burpee Indian runs. I heard quite a few people squeal as well but then I was like “bro you don’t even have a vest on!!” Not really but I thought I would go ahead and share the link to the 20lb man maker. Dana just got one and wore it Monday. Tupperware got one for his birthday, wore it once and maybe threw it away. Jingles and Transporter just asked for the link because they are sick and twisted people. Join the most exclusive club no one wants to be the only member, we call ourselves The Vesticals (name TBD)

Thanks to the 28 men that posted this AM! Leading these workouts is a true honor and we need some new faces to grab the bull by the horns! Step up, ask questions – you won’t regret it.

Welcome Blue Screen’s son, an FNG now named Motorboat and thank you for your service in the Navy!

Thank you to Goodfella for taking us out!


Speed for Need, maybe July 22, need 12 PAX to push chariots, great cause, Jeremy (Madison) will post details.

Fixing it for Christ July 19-22, goal to fix up 40 homes, food provided, details will be posted. Lou (Bottlecap) has details.

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