To Not To Recover

To Not To Recover

6 cowpokes plus a couple extras chose to not recover today, cause ya know, it’s horsey season. Things got more awkward than Kawhi Leonard’s laugh when Brady asked “where are you running today?” Ummmm, up? I’d pretend I didn’t know where he planned to go, but full disclosure, I did run his alternate route (around a legit gold mine) a few months back…BEFORE horsey season. Lots of folks (including Chester) seemingly spooked by a faulty forecast for rain. The six guys that came for the hills got em. Short warmup jaunt up Old Bell to the bottom of Blue Ridge. Repeat the Blue Ridge hill to the non-luminated flagpole x5. Carry on around Mountainview up to the yucca x5, down and around Chester’s casa to Sardis and Wilby for 5x back up Wilby. OYO hills til 6:10 and back to the flag for the pledge.

Some observations. Never met Taff before today. 10/10 beard on the guy. Throw in the accent and the pickup truck. Did we just become best friends? Dude was grinding.. 

Prohibition and Egypt were twinsies in their matching 2015 Chicago Marathon shirzeys. It was cute. Pro disappeared for a while heading towards Chester’s house. Rough neighborhood to go unaccounted for in… Egypt was pushing the pace all morning with Federalist right on his heels.
Horsehead got snatched up like Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo by an abnormally large screech owl swooping down from the trees.

Chester was M.I.A. Felt like you got cheated and only part of the experience. Lord willing, he’ll be back next week.

Brady and Funky Cold ran around for an hour and ended up back in the parking lot at the end. Parking’s getting tight in the Horsey lot. Get there early next week for prime parking.

Tater Tot on Q next week. Saddle up.


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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:41 pm - Jun 11, 2019

Solid BB – putting the pressure on for next week.

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