“Foreshadowing” has more definitions that I previously thought – thanks Cul de Sac (and nice work today). We did what YHC originally planned as a station/circuit, but then turned into a full workout. Even having Q’d dozens of times, it’s always incredible how fast 45 goes in the land of Bagpipe. Spanx was back after a hiatus, but clearly not a hiatus from fitness (he torched the field and encouraged others along the way…get that man on Q!!). Love having Big Tuna back in the mix. And Loogie continues to progress with his shoulder, giving him the confidence to expand his exercises (such as stealing Cooter’s bike). Speaking of Cooter, what an inspiration – so awesome having you out there bro, and bring that bike as long as you need. Kirby gritting through more “hurt vs injured” issues is always positive – good luck with that interview, and thanks for the takeout! Jazz Hands doesn’t say a word but really works & moves. Market Timer is the fastest back-pedal in SOB…ever notice that? War Eagle works out hard, and is always looking out for others, both during and after the workout – a Leader. Brexit showed up as an FNG at DaVinci a couple months ago and I’m sure has not missed a post since – love it.

Perhaps my favorite part of the workout was when, early on, I instructed any “fast guys” to do an extra lap around Loch Ness while we collected the Pax. And I look and who do I see coming around the bend as one of the “fast guys”?…Chipotle and almost everyone in the Pax!! One only guys that were not “fast guys” are those coming back from serious health/injury situation. #Mindset

Always an honor to Q. Today reminds my how important Bagpipe is. It’s there for many who are making their way back to peak form, and is also as tough a workout as any of us make it.

Announcements: Multiple service/volunteer opportunities on Slack. Tolkien is giving away huge shirts. Possible HH on Thursday.

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