Possibly New Lawson’s Second Largest Hill*

Possibly New Lawson’s Second Largest Hill*

Had to go up against the 17 yo VQ so figured I needed to come out strong and show that the extra 15 minutes and extra 3 miles matters. 8 guys agreed. We rolled out an excited bunch. Looking fly and of course being extra diccs safe due to some street running. A disclaimer was provided, happiness ensued.

Thang: Mosey to the clubhouse of Lawson 2.0. At your own pace. Which was quick.

–Circle up- SSH x nope , IW x not today, Mountain climbers x 10IC, Plank jacks x 10IC, chilcutt x 10IC, Merkins x 10IC. Run to the end of a faraway cul-de-sac.

–From that spot, run up the previewed hill**, out and back. At every light pole, complete 15 10 hand release merkins. At bottom, 10 burpees. We did this for 6 light poles and a long time. When finished, ran to a smaller hill and planked for a quick rest. –Next-some sprints up a smaller hill. Backwards/forwards running to stop sign. 10 jump squats before running up the hill. Did this 4 times.

–Run back towards the school. At each light pole, stop for 5 merkins. 6 poles in total. –At school, ran to front of high school. Derkins x 10 IC, bench Chilcutt x15 IC, dips x 20 IC.

–Head back towards start. At path, stop at each pole, 10 Dry docks, 12 merkins, 14 dry docks, 16 merkins. Then sprint back to home base to join the Flash crew. Done

Moleskin: Some thoughts about this morning. After Wolverine and Bottlecap took off their shirts, I was afraid that the rest of the PAX were about to follow. Luckily enough, the rest remained covered up as we all just needed something to soak up all the sweat. Disgusting humidity out there. Didn’t really help. Sneaky steep hill there in Lawson, but Rubbermaid has done the advance scouting and analytical breakdown of his community and noted that there was a 0.2% decrease in grade difference to some other hill or two. Maybe next time. Burpees to hand release merkins is rather unfair to the shoulders. Guys were out there running with noodle arms trying to shake out the pain. And what graduation makes their band members get to school in tuxedos at 6am to practice? Just mean.

Wolverine killed it out there today. At the front all morning. Probably needs to start going to Chiseled to get some more muscle definition though. Bottlecap was doing his best keeping up and almost destroyed himself in the process. Gave him a new low back exercise late in the workout to work on as well. #yourwelcome

Gerber is still coming back from his calf issues but is always right there at the front with his super long strides (compared to mine at least). Think he was upset that we ended 1 minute early as he still wanted to run though. Deflated was also sneaky fast today. Up at the front as well and getting faster and faster by the week. Didn’t even let the three layers he had on slow him down.

Legal Zoom and Centerfold, both of Clyent Dinner fame, made rare morning appearances to Ignition. Not sure running in this weather is much easier than running in 95 degree heat (just kidding, it is). Good work.

Foundation told me at Open Door (yes you should come) yesterday that he wouldn’t miss Ignition for anything. Seemed to waffle a bit after I told him I was on Q though. Is that a good or bad thing? Not sure but he was there. It may be because he’s been blacklisted from Flash after his site Q duties ended. At least I heard that from a friend of a friend. #secret

Rubbermaid crazily admitted to cheating modifying as needed but even still, felt that the 5ish miles was not enough and was ready to knock out another 8. Nobody else has ever not finished all of the assigned reps during a workout. Not once. Just shocked to learn that this occurred at Ignition.

Thanks to all who showed up today. Appreciate you all. Good first F fellowship and encouragement from the PAX as usual.

Announcements: Bottlecap’s annual 3v3 Basketball tournament, June 15. Middle school and up. See details in other social media site.

Tupperware on Q at Chiseled 6/12.

Watchtower-New site location, New Town tomorrow 6/11

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