A Bridge too far

A Bridge too far

The Thang

DiCCS given, Circle mosey as can see a couple pax coming in late and we would be going off campus to a land far far away

Warm-up,  SSH 25 imperial walkers 25 and 15 Merkins 

Mosey to the parking lot for some plank until the 6 catches up

Mosey across the road and then on to the Carolina thread to a new land and new adventure.  Head down the trail about .4 miles across the bridge into South Carolina. 

At the bottom of the bridge partner up

One partner is the runner to the ball

2nd partner do a combined

100 Burpees

200 Merkins

300 low slow squats

Mossey back to Millbridge parking lot.

Regroup and Mossey back to big circle at Nesbit Park

Circle up and clockwise call out a workout and run the circle while others do your workout until the end.


16 Pax + 1 FNG for a total of 17

We started out my plan was to head for Mill bridge parking lot to warm up but saw Pax heading in late. So, we did a circle back mosey and warmed up in parking lot.  After that we headed for the Mill bridge parking lot regroup and head on to the destination.

Carolina Thread is a great trail I have wanted to work it into a workout for a while.  It needs to be light out and the trail needs to be at least relatively dry.  I had to have a backup plan for rain as the forecast was not good.  I got out early and ran to the destination to make sure it was safe for the Pax.  As I was heading out I had to come up with a destination for the runner and all the trees looked the same.  I found a large Blue and Red ball on the trail this became our destination point.  Although Mad Dog kept moving it further out. 

As we reached the bridge that leads to South Carolina Recalculating informed me that he had a pressing matter he needed to deal with and was off to Rudy shed. He did ask where we would be I said a long time here and then back to Mill Bridge.  When we were about done with our workout, Recalculating,  Radar, and Posse (who was late because of my son) all returned.  They also had a random runner with them that I thought was a new guy he continued.

We headed back after all the workouts I had some ladders planned in the Mill Bridge parking lot as we got close Jingles informed me the lot would be full and he was right.  I had to audible and continue on to the big circle at Nesbit where we did a pass the workout.


Named FNG from Jersey Jwoww

Fixing it for Christ 19-22 goal to fix up 40 homes, food provided, details from Bottlecap

DoughBoy thanks for taking us out.

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