Side Hustle

Side Hustle

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Typical warm-up, SSH, Potato Pickers.

5 x – Bus lot hill repeats (Run hill, jog down, LBC’s, repeat)

Mosey to playground, for 5 pull-ups, 10 carolina drydocks, 15 big boy sit-ups, repeat, 5 sets.

Mosey to wall for 20 donkey kicks, 15 mike tysons, repeat 3 sets. Lots of groaning heard.

Mosey to baseball fields for core work, various PAX served up their own special dose of pain, beginning with flutters and several other extremely gut wrenching exercises.

Mosey (again) to parking lot. 100yd partner carry, switch, repeat. Noticed some modified with walking lunges. 2 PAX went down hard during partner carry right in front of me, nearly to finish line, good push guys, hope your okay.

Speed laps around the parking lot, run 100yds, walk/jog the short sections, run 100 yds, repeat for 2 laps (about 800 meters) around the parking lot.

Jog around parking lot 2 laps with PAX calling out their favorite pain station exercise at every turn, including merkins, carolina dry docks, jumping jack with squat and legs apart (totally forget the darn name, Lou’s special), low slow squats, can’t remember them all, but do recall some PAX tapping out on the 15 burpees (you know who you are:)

Mosey back to parking lot where it all began and circled up for more random core work and dips.

I was told we logged about 3.5 miles.


11 PAX today at Outland. Huge campus. Lots of opportunity. We didn’t even see that much of it. Thanks Chastain (Matt) for inviting me to your campus, it was an honor leading all you guys and I mean that sincerely. You guys all pushed hard today!

We had one new FNG, Japier (spelling?), who is a Sun Valley track coach. Fun facts about Japier, speaks two languages and from Jersey! Our own Ben Derrick – Zinfadel, in true F3 style, got an uber ride from Japier and recruited him to join us at Outland this morning (good job Zin!). Japier is already in great shape and was up front all morning with Lou. I’m think we made a good impression and hope we see him again. Due to his 2nd job (uber) he proudly accepted his new name “Side Hustle”. And I have to mention that damn vest that Deadwood was so kind to make sure he got it Zin and Zin had it ready for me. Holy$%*! … respect the vest. I took it off 30 minutes in, finished last 10 with it and nearly Vomitted! Yeah, I’m def getting one:)


Speed for Need, maybe July 22, need 12 PAX to push chariots, great cause, Jeremy (Madison) will post details.

Fixing it for Christ July 19-22, goal to fix up 40 homes, food provided, details will be posted. Lou (Bottlecap) has details.

Reminder from Ben (Zinfadel) about time change at Asylum, now begins 5:30a.

Brad (Smokey), nice job taking us out.

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