No Rain but Plenty of Pain

No Rain but Plenty of Pain

Nine men didn’t have to bring out the rain slickers as the weather was quite nice even if a little humid. YHC decided to make the morning uncomfortable even if we stayed dry. But first, a few quotes to think about:

One Man with conviction will overwhelm 100 men who have only opinions

Winston Churchill

The last thing I want to do is hurt you…. but it is on my list

Runstopper on set of 11 burpees

A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall

Frank Leahy – Notre Dame

The thang:

COP – with burpee ladder up to 6 with a called exercise in between each set. We did SSH’s, IW’s, Slow Squats, Jumping Lunges, Rosalita, and Merkins

Mosey across 51 for COP in front of Amalies – knee ups and then continue burpee ladder with 7.

Mosey over to base of Palentine for Bermuda Triangle set. Up to top of Palentine for 1 burpee, run down lane and around building for 10 decline merkins, then down to road for 10 jump squats and back to start. Increase burpee count by 1 each time and we finished 4 laps. A few minutes of mary waiting on the six. Two rounds up Palentine to continue our ladder with 8 and then 9 burpees

Mosey back to the school parking deck for some gasers. Sprint as fast as you can from level 1 to level 3 up the ramp and then walk/mosey back down for recovery. 4 sprints and then plank for six

Two sets of Dips in cadence and then back to parking lot for last few minutes. We continued up the burpee ladder with 10 and 11 and then back to 1 with called exercise in between.


We finished with 77 burpees for the morning and a surprising lack of moaning about how many we did. Next time I’ll call for a set of 77 burpees at once.

Ranger is heading to Fort Knox soon for training so praying for him

Runstopper was actually early today – first time that has happened as far as I know.

Clover keeps forgetting that Dook gear is not allowed on the campus. Penalty will be metted out next offense.

The Respects almost out numbered the non-respects as we had 4. Plus, Snooka was out front most of the morning with RS (almost Respect) right with him. I’d say the young guys need to step up their game – it was close to embarrassing (and would have been if Checkpoint had posted).

No announcements other than Runstopper reminding us to sign up for the Christmas Party (he doesn’t know it but that joke just got him nominated as the Chairman of the party).

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HopsPosted on5:04 pm - Jun 7, 2019

Chelms must have been the fabricator of that WD-40 advertisement, as it is riddled with grammatical errors.

MermaidPosted on5:23 pm - Jun 7, 2019

Had every intention of posting. In my defense, we had a swim meet until 10 last night and got an 8-week old puppy last Saturday. She wakes up a lot. I was exhausted this morning. Sorry to miss it. Margo is DR. Thanks for Q’ing Chelms.

CloverPosted on6:30 pm - Jun 7, 2019

Actually we took a vote, Duke is the preferred gear. Who would have thought? As such I will abide by the popular vote and head to Vineyard Vines and purchase more gear.

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