Burpee/Rock Press Web Heaven

Burpee/Rock Press Web Heaven

My one goal this morning was to punish everyone equally! Zin Man sent me a google earth map of the facility yesterday and after two hours my WV analog phone was able to download the picture and I got to work on my weinke. Weinke was then put on hold for an hour or two last night as Deliverance called me up and said he had a Bobcat problem behind his house and needed help. Like all good neighbors I told him I’ll grab a bottle of wine you grab the crossbow. True Story: Details to follow at Dreamchaser’s. Dicc’s given while multiple people kept pouring into the parking lot. Posse was still 15 minutes out.

That Thang:

Warm-up: SSH x15, LSSx10, Merkinsx15, calf stretches and Jimmy Dugan stretch

Mosey to beginning of path that leads to Rudy’s Poop Palace

Every other stop light 10 Merkins, first 10 come back to rock pile and grab rocks. While we wait grab wall Jabs x 50, Donkey Kicks x 15, Overhead presses x 50, Donkey Kicks x10

Everyone grab a rock for Burpee/Rock Press Heaven, 1 burpee 4 presses —10 burpees 40 presses(subsituted some curls and tri extensions) Brutal!

Mosey to top traffic circle and partner up: Gazelle with Clidesdale: two rounds top circle 20 jumping lunges bottom circle 10 Mike Tyson’s, with 5 hand slap Merkins when you meet up. 2 Rounds

Mosey to bottom of parking low: Gazelles go 4 intersections up for 15 MC’s, Clidesdales go 2 intersections up for 15 MC’s, way up and back do 3 burpees at first intersection.

Mosey back to front of school with a stop for Bear Crawls and Done!


Really enjoyed leading this group of fine Men this morning. The rain held off and it was a nice dry campus this morning to throw ourselves on the ground for a few burpees. I planned the weinke to push the Gazelles further and longer so they didn’t leave wanting more. Hopefully you all felt like I did, which was spent. Keep pushing yourselves out there and you will see the improvements pretty quickly. The level and intensity has certainly gone up since I joined F3 about a year ago so great job to all of you for holding each other accountable.


Christ’s Closet please arrive around 5:30ish this evening. Ackbar has posted all the details on GM.

Concert has been cancelled tonight due to the rain. Come in doors and drink beer and eat ice cream.

Tomorrow F3 Dads starts Ballantyne and Matthews. Two locations.

Fix it for Christ June 19th-22, Meet at where we assemble for Floater across the street. See Jingles for more details.

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