• When:06/06/2019
  • QIC: Mermaid


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PAX: Bucky, Chipotle, Big Tuna, Swine Flu, Loogie, Boitano, War Eagle, Patent Pending, Escobar, Teleporter, Boss Hog, Olaf, Teddy, Ranger, Billy Goat, Mermaid

War Eagle for a pre-run. Had some reflective gear on, always good to see. Rest of us slackers showed up close to game time. Disclaimer given and off we go.


Mosey past the theatre and into the adjacent lot. Circle Up.


IW x 15 IC

SSH x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Alt Shoulder Tap x 10 IC

Alt Hip Slap x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

5 Hand-Release Burpees OYO

Mosey up to Elm and take a right. Left onto Murderhorn. Mosey down the hill to the pool area. Stop at the rock pile. Grab a lifting rock to be proud of.

Rock Set

15 Curl/10 Thruster/5 Rockees/Hold rock overhead and walk up gravel path 75 feet and back down.

AYG up the hill to the 1st light. 10 Merkin. 10 Jump Squat. Down hill to rocks.

Repeat x 3


Rapid Fire Rock Set

All exercises to 10 civilian cadence. Rock does not touch ground.

Tri Ext/Goblet Squat/Curl/Overhead Press/Tri Ext/Goblet Squat/Curl/Overhead Press. Hold Rock over head. 4 ten counts. Return Rock to pile.

Mosey up Murdehorn. Stop at 1st stoplight. Continue mosey up to the top with stops at each stop light. 20 merkins. Chair plank at top to regroup. Continue mosey to launch lot.

Mary-Dolly x 20 IC/Rosalita x 20 IC/High Flutter x 20 IC

AYG up the parking lot hill. Back down. 5 H-R Burpees.



That was 3% of your day. I feel pretty good about that 3%. Hope the rest of the PAX do as well. Solid work today men.

Kotters to Big Tuna and Chipotle. Been a while men. Glad to see you this morning. Also, not sure when I saw Escobar last, always a pleasure.

Thanks to War Eagle for the invite. Don’t get over this way very often. Great AO.

Met Ranger last week at Centurion. Good to see him back out. Keep on posting.


Church on the Street-once a month South Charlotte sends 5 or so PAX and older 2.0’s to help out with this ministry. Strawberry is your contact.

Beer Mile this Friday. Gummy is contact and will disclose secret details regarding time and location.

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VoodooPosted on2:21 pm - Jun 6, 2019

Did Ranger introduce himself as “Cameron” again?

BuckyPosted on6:21 pm - Jun 6, 2019

Great workout – after 3% on Tuesday, 3% on Wed, today’s 3% smoked me!

WarEaglePosted on11:46 pm - Jun 7, 2019

I have to clarify that Billy Goat joined in the pre-run. The rest of you slackers showed up right at game time.

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