Let’s get it started

Let’s get it started

If you read the preblast you were prepared and if you didn’t then shame on you.

We started with the outline of the plan for the month. A strong encouragement was given to put on a reflective vest and head lamp all month since we will running on the roads. Some obliged but most did not. A strong disclaimer was given since there were so many delinquents. Side note, almost all of us have a reflective vest and head lamp so please put it on.

We headed over to N. Community House via Ballantyne Hotel. Dodge a few cars since we did not get the pedestrian light, we did press it. Do the standard twinkle toes, butt kickers, high knees and Frankensteins to warm up.

Instructions were given again that we are running 1200m down N. Community House to almost the corner of Elm and N. Community House at your 10k pace. The goal was to do four total and leave by 6:05 to get home. I would say that this was accomplished by all on the first part and there were a few that took a wrong turn coming home that were late.

Great effort by the whole group. We had perfect weather considering how hot it has been. Valderama and Gold Digger were leading the charge with Citgo on their heels. Not sure if that was their 10k pace because it would crush their stated finish time goal. Everyone else followed in line and pushed it hard.

Great to see Frehley’s out to Swift again. The Crane Relay has inspired him to become a runner.

The plan for next week is one mile race pace at your 10k pace. Running up and down Ballantyne Corporate Pl. This will be the site of some of the actual 10k race so it will be good practice. Citgo is leading next week since I will be away on vacation. I will do the work out though at the beach.

Here are everyone’s goals for the race. Vodoo 48:00, Atlas 48:00, Benny 48:00, Udder 48:00, Taco Stand 50:00, Madame 52:00, Frehley’s 52:00, Jello 53:00, Cobbler 61:20, Cheddar 45:00, Madison 45:00, Gypsy 45:03, Flipper 46:00, Das Boot 46:00, Rock Thrill 46:30, Gumbo 42:00, Bunker 42:00, Woodson 41:00, Polly 39:39, Hairball 39:39, Tua 39:59, Brat 38:59, Citgo 37:49, Frasier 37:00, Gold Digger 37:00, Valderama 36:59

There is plenty of opportunity to run together over the next three weeks depending on your pace. It is easier to run as a group than try to do it on your own.

If I missed anyone let me know your time so I can put it down.

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VoodooPosted on7:54 pm - Jun 4, 2019

Thanks for leading this morning, Frasier. Does the day-glo shirt count as reflective gear or was I one of the delinquents? And Das Boot, Cheddar, and I didn’t take a wrong turn, we just took longer to get back than planned…

It looks like there’s going to be a lot of congestion in the 45-50 minute range at the big 10k race. Giddy-up!

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