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Don’t Put Them Down!

It’s been awhile since I Q’d a workout and even longer for a gear workout. I had to cancel my last Q at Chiseled, I wasn’t going to do it again. This is going to be fun……and get a little stupid.


We started with the disclaimer and short statement from yours truly about being your brother’s keeper. Will mention below.

  • SSH: x20
  • Imperial Walker: x10
  • Potato Pickers: x20
  • Low Slow Squats: x20 Back straight, shoulders back, head up, and squat down as if you are sitting down. We don’t need any “Twerking” squats.
  • Calf stretches

That’s enough of that, let’s do it. Let’s mosey to the brick piles.

The Thang:

Had the PAX gather back to the start point.

  • Bodybuilder’s with bricks
  • Forward and backwards lunges with bricks held out to the side(DON’T PUT DOWN THE BRICKS)
  • Speed skaters with bricks(DON’T PUT DOWN THE BRICKS)
  • Clockwork merkins with bricks
  • Ring of fire with bricks held directly in front(DON’T PUT DOWN THE BRICKS)
  • Lung walk brick crossover for 50 yards(Lung and pass brick through legs before taking next step)
  • Time to partner up.

Station Work: Use Hairburners with 45 lb. plates as the timers

(Do 10 reps at each station and switch until timer tells to switch)

  • Station 1: Lawnmowers and American Hammer with Kettlebell
  • Station 2: Al Gore Curls and People’s Chair tricep extensions with slam ball
  • Place a brick between the PAX’s feet have them face each other to force proper form squats and Flutter press with weights
  • Skull crushers and Kettlebell swing with kettlebells
  • People’s chair curls on pole and people’s chair press with dumbbells
  • LBC’s with 35 lb. plates

After completing the stations, we circled up for a well intended but poorly executed exercise. Called an audible for Al Gore ring of fire while mixing in some well placed Shake n Bake’s(5 Burpees on your own) due to someone putting down the bricks.


This morning I gave a brief statement/story about my Achilles tendinitis. Basically how I got it was from not working on my running form and not giving my body enough time to rest. This led into a disclaimer about using proper form while exercising. I asked the group this morning, “Are you your brother’s keeper?” The answer is yes. If you see your brother using poor form, call them out on it. We do a lot of things and at a fast pace, it only takes a minute to get hurt. One minute you are doing things you’ve never done before and looking/feeling good. Then what happens? You get hurt and the pounds just come back on you(possible scenario). I don’t want anyone hurt. If you see your brother using poor form or doing something that can hurt them say something. That one action could make all the difference. Modify as needed please, but don’t let others cheat themselves out of improvement.

Calling your brother out doesn’t stop with F3. It should be in our lives. We live in a society now where so many people are scared to speak out. Accountability is one of the drivers to improvement. I want to be pushed, I want someone to say I know you can do better than that(not in an arrogant way). I will never be mad or insulted by true constructive criticism or just calling me out on being lazy. I don’t wake up early to be lazy. I’m not trying to be the form police, I just care. We all are our Brother’s keeper. Iron sharpens Iron!

That’s enough of that babble. It was a honor leading you guys this morning.


  • Fix It For Christ starts today(6/19/19) through Saturday. Show up to United Waxhaw Methodist Church and then will go to sites from there. If any other questions please check news channel on Groupme.
  • Update on Kate Hesner(Sorry if misspelled): The surgery went well. The trooper even asked for a piece of the skull from her operation for a souvenir.

“Area 51 workouts are much harder than SOB” – Anonymous

This AO is by far the hardest workout of any Wednesday site in F3 nation” – Site Q

The Site Q needs to fix the darn stop light at the intersection so PAX don’t arrive late

Chelms upon arriving 1 minute early – which is 4 minutes late in my book

It was a tense beginning with Purple Haze visibly anxious that he was going to have to take the Q but relieved when YHC drove up at 5:29. The rest of the PAX were not so sure. YHC is old but that means I’m more ornery in the early morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to middle of parking lot for COP (all in cadence to 10) – SSH, Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Parker Peters (confused some PAX), and slow squats.

Five hard backward runs down the lot with recovery pace back to start line.

Grab a lifting rock for some suicide ladders. 5, 10, 15, 20 of called exercises between starting point and lines on the lot (carry rock only to first line on first two rounds)

  • Round 1 – Curls and merkins
  • Round 2 – Squats and CDD
  • Round 3 – (carry rock each time but only to first line) Sit ups and push presses
  • Round 4 – Lunge walks between two signs with push presses in between and after first and second trip down

Drop off rocks and jog down to other end of campus for six minutes of mary with dolly, rosalita, flutters, and LBC

Over to hot box for three sets of dips, decline merkins, and step ups (5, 10, 15)

Back to parking lot for 6 circuits of karaoke (hard down and recovery back). Then some bear crawl, broad jumps, crab walks, and lunges before heading back to cars. Finished up last few minutes with flutters and LBC

Naked Moleskin:

The anonymous source for the title of the BB is someone that likes to play tag and also just wants everyone to get along. YHC takes it as a compliment and also had to include it so I could gas light the SOB crowd. I’ll now be known in SOB land as Chelms aka Tater Tot aka They Hate Me. Lorax immediately jumped in to support this claim with proof, per him, being that Anvil is the hardest Wednesday workout.

Lorax needs a contact at DOT to get the lights fixed. Other than Hops, the rest of us follow stop light rules and don’t run red lights. Speculation is that Brilleaux hacked into the system so he would have an excuse every week for being late (he says I left early today and his protest has been registered with the F3 Area 51 rules committee)

Purple Haze was heard grumbling early on since we didn’t start immediately with COP but he got over it. He even listened to my directions once (first time ever). Based on his suggestion, a one armed plank with weight on right hand is now done with left arm down since only right should be held up in the air (#MAGA)

I learned this am that they found He Hate Me after he had gone missing. Per Lorax, he was found somewhere in SC with some derogatory remark that PH was not able to reply too. Of course, it’s hard to reply to a derogatory remark about S.C. because, well, it’s SC.

YHC heard a few PAX silently ask for reminder as to what a Parker Peter is. I’ll have to admit I meant to call Peter Parker but Parker Peter is a real exercise.

The Respects were in full force this morning with 4 of the 10 over 50. Strong work but I still content that Snooka could not pass a drug test if he had too.


Pool party hosted by our anonymous source that likes playing tag after the Crane Relays. $10 if you are in SOB land but free if you live in Area 51 because we’re better and they just want us to show up to make the party cool and fun.

Please consider posting one Saturday morning at 11am for teen workout at the Stratford Robinson YMCA on West Blvd. – 2.0 friendly

Snowflake took us out in prayer – AYE

It’s so freaking Humid

Mosey to track

COP IW Cad Merkins Cad MC Cad

Partner work. Speed matters

Partner race

Winner 5 Merkins Loser 15 burpees

15 Merkins and 15 squats X4

Partner up One runs while other does exercise flap jack 100 Merkins 200 lbc 100 squats


Mosey to rock pile 100 curls 200 presses While other partner runs to bridge. Flap jack

Mosey up to parking lot 7’s

Mosey to launch Merkins o Rama ish. Mary


Mole It was rather moist out there along with the chatter it made for a wonderful morning of schweaty men. Hops found my alter ego tag and I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to get back into that account. Good times from years gone by. Hard to believe that has been 4 years ago. There was so much talking so I kept the pax running so Spackler would actually get a workout in. Good to see the group out there. I always enjoy the crap I get because if you can’t take it don’t dish it out. The partner race was one that I dug up from my site q time at Death Valley many moons ago. Twas a good one. Decided to take the shirt off after a ton of pressure from the group. Pudding wasn’t impressed nor was Jet Fuel. Don’t worry boys. I’m not either. Welcome Jobu. Not clue how we got to that but the baseball fanatics were all over it during the workout. No announcements sadly. We are in the dog days of summer where it’s just hot and moist. Grind through it and keep out there.

Let’s run to Mighty Mite’s House

YHC warned everyone on slack during Friday marketing that we would cover some distance. And we did, YHC’s house is 2.25 miles away and the round trip was 4.5 miles.

11 Pax were in attendence. We started running. We did a short warm up in the parking lot near the salons. Then we ran up the first hill until the intersection with Community House. McGee led mary at the top. Keep running past AKHS to the bottom of the hill, do single leg squats, squats, dips, and merkins up the next hill to the intersection with Marvin Road. Cross the street into the next parking lot. At this point all of the pax are asking YHC to buy them breakfast at Bagel Bin. So I provided them breakfast in the form of a 60lb sandbag, that we had to carry back to launch. McGee also said it was his birthday, so we had to do 34 burpees. Then we ran back to launch with the sandbag. At that point there were only a few minutes left that we burned out with some Mary.

Announcements: Sign Up for the Summer Cookout/Pool Party on July 27!!! Limited space left!

Moleskine: YHC has always wanted to run to my house and was wondering if the pax could do it. Spoiler: They could and did a great job.

Frehley’s Comet decided to defect to Da Vinci on his own free will. There were several times during the workout that he said “I really enjoyed the extra half hour of sleep! It helped cure my hangover.” and “Golly gee willakers! Chicken is better than bagels!”.

Escobar threatened to post Stonehenge because of the mileage warning but that extra half hour of sleep is undefeated.

Bagels before Chicken? If Bagels were BackBlasts!

An even 14 for this weeks edition of Stongehenge. I believe there were 4 for prerun, which is a great way to challenge yourself on a Sat. morning. With a veteran crew, a very quick disclaimer and off we went.

The Thang

Start the warm-up run from the Vine to one of the popular lakes. On the way some dynamic stretching to get that out of the way and get the body moving.

Run to the bottom of the stairs, line up and get set for partner wheelbarrow. Up the stairs, loop the lot and if you carried the first time, then now your are the wheelbarrow. For those not wanting to do the barrow, take a lap of two.

Triple Nickle

Jump Squats at the top

Bear crawl the hill

Hand release the merkins

Head over to the biggest loop ever

Partner up with someone you perceive to be slower

Partner one goes left / Partner two goes right

At the middle hand slap merkins x10 / 25 LBC

Back at start, burpees x10 (partner count) and 25 Monkey humpers

Mosey to the rock pile

Partner pick a lifting rock

Depending on the size of the rock / 10-20 of each

Partner 1- Bi’s / Tri’s/ Squats / Press and if you complete early Man makers

Partner 2- 10 pull-ups and LBC’s

Time running out take a lap around the other populsr lake, sprint to the first corner, jog the next, sprint the final.

Head back to Vine…..DONE

Take out by Wild Turkey


  • F3 Dads every At in A51 and SOB @0900
  • Once per month COTS- Church on the Streets – took my 2.0 and niece on Sunday, time well spent

Ye Olde Moleskin

  • Thank you to the site Q’s for asking me to keep coming out to Q
  • The crew this AM I think were all preparing for vacation, kinda slow morning and lots of chatter
  • Fireman Ed was my partner for the big loop, he seemed much faster running to the middle vs running to do the burpees. Always left him 1
  • I always apologize for any confusing instructions, my brain and mouth often compete for time. Also, never allow the Pax (FE) ask a lot of questions….he will drag it out all day long
  • Snow Flake and Wild Turkey were keeping pax moving…or at least trying

Overdrive And Then Some

It’s hard to believe it’s been over five years since I joined F3, and Overdrive was always one of my favorite AO’s back in the day before I moved to Fort Mill, so I make an appearance now and then so you won’t forget my lovely face.

Hair Band loves the rucking so I obliged and my mad scientist brain came up with a hybrid of a ruck workout and a kettlebell workout.  It sucked, and I liked it.  It went a little something like this.  One exercise with the bell, one with the ruck/body weight. After Round 1, those that didn’t have a ruck, took a ruck for themselves so they could experience the joys.

Here’s the thang:

22 is the number for each exercise below.  We were remembering 6/6/1944 and the 4414 allied deaths at D-Day.  19 was the number during COP.

KB Swings
Step ups

Goblet squats

KB Curls

Tricep extensions

One arm rows

Skull crushers

Dead lifts
Calf raises

American hammers

One arm dead lifts

Thanks for showing up on a Friday morning, it was glorious weather.  Have a safe and fun summer brothers. Thanks for the chance to lead.

DT out.

Get me off this F’n Roller Coaster

6 PAX posted for a Roller Coaster ride at Horsey (The Mouth may have barfed before the train pulled into the parking lot at 6:15 while YHC was fine since I ran on a virtually empty stomach – seasoned veteran).

The Thang – Run down to bottom of Blue Ridge for instructions. Route is up to Mountain View and take a right, wind around to Wilby and take all the way down to Sardis. Turnaround to head back up Wilby and then veer right onto Mountain View before taking right back down Blue Ridge. We then continued this loop but adding hill repeats on the three steep hills with 2 rounds the 2nd time and 3 rounds the third time. Run as hard as you can up the hill and then mosey/walk back down to get heart rate back down. The third time around was awful and only Sea World and Full House wanted to continue riding the coaster past 6:00am. The other four did some recovery exercises at the flag pole until the two over achievers made it back before a resounding Pledge of Allegiance at 6:10. We then sprinted/limped/Ubered back to the parking lot for COT. Mileage was in the 5 to 6.5 mile range is my guess (YHC was on the low end of the range)

NM – The guy who stated “Everyone likes a roller coaster” has never posted to Horsey (much like most of F3 Area 51 and Metro this year). This roller coaster not only can make you hurl but also causes dizziness, shortness or complete lack of breath, black-outs, insulting of friendly guys next to you and general hate for early morning. But otherwise, it’s great.

Don’t know if good or bad but I think Chester may have been kicked out of the nest by his parents. Have yet to see anyone outside in their bath robe smoking cigarettes but the dad continues to leave at 5:30. This may be why Prohibition stopped posting #bromance.

Mr. Belding didn’t realize what he was getting into (I gave him a kick ass sales pitch as follows: Me – “You want to run some hills in the am” Mr B – “Sure” Me – “Great – pick you up at 5) but he did come to recognize the value of a good Horsey workout. He even offered me free fire wood when I dropped him off.

I’d say there were not 6 men in F3 nation that got in a harder workout this am. Hill repeats after 4 miles of running are no joke. The few minutes of Mary/plank work at 6:05 were pure bliss compared to running the hills.

Egypt has the Q next week and I’ve been told it involves whips and chains. Luckily, I”ll be DR in Wilmington next week.

Start Your Engines…..

19 Pax came out for a good beat down today at Flash. Seeing as I failed to write a backblast for the Nesbit 300, I figured I would fire up the Cuthbertson 300 and get everyone tuned up, so to speak, for their week.

The Thang

Gave the DICCS. No warm up. We warm up on the move. Let’s get after it. Paula Abdul down the backroad to Transporters Shed. 10 Merkins at each 2nd light, run back one, then advance two. Wash, rinse, repeat until you make it to the Shed. Plank it up and wait for the six.

Pair up with something resembling a Gazelle (slim pickings in this crowd 🙂 Grab a lifting rock and prepare to fire up your engines for the Cuthbertson 300. Partner one runs to the top of Bus Hill to the portico and runs back down. Partner two does the exercises. 100 curls, 200 overhead press and 300 supine bench presses.

Next up on the docket – Lieutenant Dan’s. Tupperware was next to me and let me know he had just done these at Commitment on Saturday. Even better. 1 Squat and 4 Backward Lunges. We went around the circle up to 10/40…took a 10 count pause…then back down from 10/40 to 1/4. For those of you that want the math…you did 110 squats and 440 backward lunges.

Mosey back up the back road to the start, stopping at each light for 10 single count flutters. Circle up at the start where Shake and Bake led us in heels to heaven for the remaining 1.5 minutes.


Well the lack of a proper circle warm up was not a fan favorite. I caught some mild grumbling. I’m totally okay with that. The only Marine you have to worry about is the one who isn’t complaining. I think everyone had a good workout. Goodfella had both 2.0’s with him which was nice to see. Flash is 3 foot tall beast.


  • Annual Nali family father’s day 3 on 3 basketball/cookout this Saturday. Sharpen up your elbows, make a dish to serve BBQ style, and BYOB.
  • Fix it for Christ – happens next week. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June
  • Adding a new twist to future workouts. After workout post parties to allow some of us old guys to stretch out a bit after the regular beat down. 10-15 minutes of stretching

Bro, you’re on a friggin bike….

I’ve been experimenting with the form/pace/flow of my version of a “perfect” workout. How do you get mileage the gazelles crave without killing a Clydesdale? You keep it moving, steady pace with no breaks. Almost everything IC and CC with a smattering of OYO/burn out exercises. As the Q it sucks because of all the counting but it keeps the group together….

My 23rd Q and all I did was update my weinke a bit from Thursday evening to cover the ground at Sun Valley. It’s a huge freaking campus and I knew I would have a smallish group with varying degrees of athletic prowess. Oh word, 5 people already there at 6:52am? Two more roll up to make it 7….

Disclaimer given 90 seconds from the start. Showed the PAX the proper DiCCS and then shared my hate of Mary. I requested that if you finish early we should circle back for the 6.


Let’s mosey and stopping periodically for the following

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

3. 20 x Potato Pickers IC

*** An 8th person shows up!!

4. 20 x Merkins CC

5. Calf Stretch

6. 20 x Squats CC

7. 20 x LBCs IC

8. 20 x Peter Parkers IC

9. 20 x Heels to Heaven IC

*** And now a 9th person show up but on a bike? What’s happening….🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️

10. 20 x Parker Peters IC

11. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

12. 20 x Bicycle IC

The Burpee Loop

• 1st Light, 1 Burpee

• 2nd Light, 2 Burpees

• 3rd Light, 3 Burpees

• 4th Light, 4 Burpees

• 5th Light, 3 Burpees

• 6th Light, 2 Burpees

• 7th Light, 1 Burpee

Mosey, along the back of the baseball field: 10 x Bobby Hurley’s, 3 sets CC

4 corners in the next lot, 10 x Speedskater and 10 x Mike Tyson’s OYO

Mosey to Playground for 3 sets of 5, OYO. 5 x derkins, 5 x pull-ups and 5 x inclined pushups

Mosey to portico for Wall Sits:

• 30 x Jabs IC

• 30 x Air Presses IC

• 30 x Heel Raises CC

• 30 x Toe Raises CC

Let’s lay here for DW’s favorite: Captain Therkin Web:

• 1 Sit Up / 4 American Hammers / 2 Merkins

Mosey to the benches. Team up and split:

• 150 x Dips

• 100 x Shoulder Taps – stopped due to time!!

Compass if time remains. Audible due to a car show in the school parking lot. Let’s work on those 8 packs:

1. 30 second side plank

2. 30 second side plank

3. 30 second elbow plank

4. 10 x 6” plank jacks


Thanks to Chastain for the sales pitch to Q outside of him and I’s territory! I’m not ever going to stop annoying you with the fact you post so far away from your own home. Thanks for the oppty to lead!

Thanks to the 8 men that joined me, never easy to wake up on a Saturday. We also had one FNG, from I think Pineville, who was in for a crash course in “what the hell have I been doing with my body all these years??!??!!” Way to push….

Thanks to Bottlecap and Crumbs for making the fort night journey out to Outland. That’s not easy trek from the Crests of Briar either, bet you had to print out directions from Mapquest to get there. BC led the OYO exercises and Crumbs was right behind him, well done bud.

Big ol’ shout out to Brutus for driving me this AM but really the kudos to you for jumping all in with us. Dude has been coming pretty consistently for like 4 straight weeks and even already posted while traveling for work in ATL? Dang!! Take notes boyz….

Welcome FNG Samoa, dude was a Boy Scout and it only felt natural to name him after a Girl Scout cookie.

Thanks BC for taking us out!


  • REMINDER: Third F opportunity (Open Door). We are starting a new book (Colossians) tomorrow so a great time to jump in. Use Father’s Day as a launching point to grow in your faith this year. Your wife can’t give you a hard time tomorrow cuz it’s YOUR day. Come join us no matter where you are on your faith journey. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Great group of guys building each other up and tackling life’s challenges together. Each Sunday 0700-0800 at Five Stones office building (1117 Cuthbertson Road).
  • Last days of signups for FIFC. Let’s show our support. To the community. We are looking for F3 volunteers to sign up at the link below. Please make sure that you identify yourself as F3 when signing up. Anytime you can spare, whether it’s an hour, a day or anything in between would certainly be of good use. Meals will be provided for all volunteers. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June 22nd.

Really Clever Title here

What a day to be alive, sixty some odd degrees and not a bit of humidity. Sounds like the perfect day to run around like an idiot and see if twenty some odd men will follow. No more than a quarter mile of running at a time, everyone knows the rules of a boot camp workout……

The Thang

  • Off from the parking lot to Transporter’s shed for some SSH’s (15)
  • Mosey on up to the traffic circle before the stadium plank it up, stretch, and merkins (10)
  • Mosey on down to the parking lot. Grab a partner and let’s do four corners with alternating squats (10) and merkins (10). Meet your partner after one completes a full lap and add 10 hand slap merkins. X2
  • Mosey on over to the quad. Dips (50) on the wooden bleachers then steps ups (50). X2
  • Mosey to the main high school gym entrance, alternating with your partner Mike Tysons (??) while the other went to the stairs and did calf raises (50). X2
  • Mosey on over to the middle school portico on the bus side of the building. alternating with partner again Air Presses/jabs while the other bear crawled through the portico. X2
  • To the front of the middle school where we finished up the partner work. Partner one doing derkins while partner 2 did a half lap for time. X2
  • More time left, do it again but with speed skaters
  • Run the front parking lot backwards and finish up at COT


Another opportunity to get out and lead, thanks to Hooch and Recalculating for the invite. We got north of 3 miles and mostly stayed together with a fair bit of mixed body exercises.

Glad to report that there wasn’t a whole lot of mumble chatter so I didn’t have to sick Deadwood on yell at anyone. Watched the video of name-o-rama and there was a lot of sweat going on. Appreciate everyone’s effort and willingness to follow me around.

Your usual suspects led the way, but really impressed by the turn out and performance of the B’s and C’s. Welcome to Ricky Bobby, but remember; “If you ain’t first, you’re last”.


  • Annual Nali family father’s day 3 on 3 basketball/cookout this Saturday. Sharpen up your elbows, make a dish to serve BBQ style, and BYOB.
  • Fix it for Christ – happens next week. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June 22nd.
  • Adding a new twist to future workouts. After workout post parties to allow some of us old guys to stretch out a bit after the regular beat down. 10-15 minutes of stretching
  • Tupperware on Q tomorrow at Commitment and Zinfandel Q’ing Outland (?? Is that right? I’m pretty sure we don’t do weekend workouts so do with that information what you will.)