Topless and sweaty

Topless and sweaty

When the pre-dawn temperature is already over 70, and humidity is high, sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

Or in our case, most of the guys gotta did. Details below.

Weinke was pretty simple: go to the Crestdale track. Run around it for a while. Then come back for COT.

(there was a “mixed workout” option, but Gipsy’s sweaty tats proved too strong a lure, and everyone went with the “run only” option.)

The THANG: 2/1/30 2 minutes at a recovery jog (or walk/jog), 1 minute at a 10K race pace, and 30 seconds of speed. Repeato. Goal was 10, but only had time to do 9 on the track. Then did some kind of equivalent 2/1/30 on the way back to the school.

Moleskin: I logged somewhere around 6.6 miles. Funky Cold and Joker(?) lapped all of our slow butts, then still had enough gas in the tank to take the lead on the run back to MES. So they probably got point something more miles. Although FC rolled in after we had already exited the parking lot, so everyone but him got an extra few hundred yards as we circled the church playground to go pick him up. (Quick aside: Did you know there are steps on that sidewalk? We found out. Thankfully no Pax were harmed making that discovery.) Good bit of chatter with our fellowship pace mosey to the track. Then the whistle started, and the chatter stopped. Almost got our 10 sets in, but YHC made the call at about 2 past to get going back to the school – the other school. Good thing we did, as we rolled in with about 40 seconds to spare. Just long enough to watch the final few Mary of the Peak crowd but not so soon that we felt obligated to join.

Oh, and about the title for this BB: we left the parking lot shirted. When we got to the track, almost everyone stripped to the waist. So maybe the headlines were more exciting than the rest of the story, but I’m sure you’ve never been lured into something by a good line before.

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