May Swift Takover

May Swift Takover

And that’s a wrap for my takeover of Swift for the month of May. Thanks to @bratwurst for allowing me to fill in – Big shoes to fill there, but hopefully everyone enjoyed training at 5k paced effort over the past month. Although “enjoyed” may not be the right word, but I don’t think anyone comes out at 5:15 to take a leisurely stroll around Ballantyne. Plus, as @jello stated after the workout – it wasn’t easy, but it made me faster. And That’s what I like to hear!

The Plan for May: Longer distance and time based intervals to build up endurance base leading up to longer races/relays later this summer – including an optional 5k on Saturday June 1.

May Workout Plan (and backblasts below):

  1. May 7 – 5x 5 minute repeats with 3 min recovery, 5k – 10k pace
  2. May 14 – 3x 1 mile at 5k pace, 5 min recovery; 2x 400s
  3. May 21 – 4, 6, 8, 2 minute repeats at 5k – 10k pace, half recovery
  4. May 28 – 800 meter repeats (6-7) at 5k pace, 400 meter recovery
  5. June 1 – 5k Optional carpool. *Discount code for $2 off is F32019

5k Race – On Saturday, June 1, we will test our fitness at King Tiger 5k – . We will use this month’s workouts to focus on getting prepped for the 5k – with most workouts targeting 5k pace. Plus, they offer free Ice Cream at the finish! April’s 1600 was a big success, great seeing guys push it through the 1600 and 4×400 relay.

Recap of May 7: Great job today by around 25 pax – Big workout with 4x 5 mins and 1x 0.40 mile sprint at the end (ran out of time on the last one!), close to 23 minutes at near 5k pace. Guys were pushing it hard from the front to the 6. Course was a mile loop starting up Haney (uphill), right on Ball. Corp., right on Ball Commons (nice downhill), finishing on Rushmore straighaway. May have heard some grumbling (not mentioning any names Tiger Rag) that we were running it in reverse – but this was intentional to give you that downhill finish.

Recap of May 14: 30 pax hit 3x 1 mile intervals on Ballantyne Corp aka roller coaster hills. Finished off by 1-2 400s. Paces were very strong, great groups were formed and guys pushing each other on some difficult 1 mile stretches. Perfect weather today too. My legs are already feeling this one…

Recap of May 21: 20+ Pax for time based intervals up and down Rushmore Drive – creating a fun game of cat and mouse chase as we turned around 180 at the halfway mark — and sprinted to try to reach the starting line before time elapsed, while trying not to get passed. 4, 6, 8, 2 min repeats with half recovery – 5k pace goal which was a lofty target especially including summer weather, but no guts/no glory.

Recap of May 28: With coming off Memorial Day weekend – I was pretty happy with our numbers, around 20 Pax decided to push through 800 meter repeats with some extra burgers/pizza/beer fuel in the stomach from the long weekend. We took to the Brixham Green for some NASCAR style 800s around the parking lot at 5k pace. Most Pax got 6-7 in. We circle up for 1x last 800 at 6:05, laid down some rubber, and headed back for the Vine.

  • Few observations from May 28:
  • Welcome FNG Tua, solid 800s – near top of pack today
  • Flipper looking stronger week by week
  • Frasier looks like he’s recovered from his 50k, making it look too easy
  • Bunker, Haggis & Gumbo also taking short time off after the 50k, props
  • Woodson with most mileage today – 7.5 miles, with Mario, Bunker, not far behind
  • Saw One Niner charging hard on the last set
  • Udder, Atlas, Jello, Wild Turkey, Das Boot, and Cobbler also with solid 800s — Everyone else not listed doesn’t count since it’s not on Strava!
  • And it wouldn’t be Brixham Green without the smell of Swisher Sweets…

The difference in weather for May was pretty amazing – the 1st 2 weeks were nice and cool, and the last 2x weeks have been hot and humid — looks like summer is here. Just remember – these workouts in the summer will make the cooler fall temps feel like you’ve been on steroids!

5k pace calculator: Check out a 5k calculator on McMillan running – use this calcuator to help target a 5k goal — and use the next 3 weekouts to target your 5k pace –

Until next time…

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