WUC Transition – 2nd Board Meeting

WUC Transition – 2nd Board Meeting

7 gathered to discuss a few relevant topics from the initial board meeting.

  1. What the heck is our Region name?
  2. What is IT, why is IT important, and what does IT3 have to say about it?
  3. Updates from functional Qs; 1st F – Hollywood, 2nd F – Zinfandel, 3rd F – Foundation


  • Let’s get it right! Everybody was in agreement that our name is important but we shouldn’t rush to a name just to have one
  • Summary: Our Region name should contain a reference to our geographical area
    • Other Region Examples: SOB (Sons of Ballantyne), Area 51 (reference to Pineville-Matthews Road)
    • Ideas that are geographical for us: F3Union, F3Sweet16 (Providence Road), F3W3 (Waxhaw, Weddington, Wesley Chapel), F3WUnion
  • Next Steps: The Board will pull together the best 3 or 4 names and poll the PAX in the next month or so
    • Get the beers creative juices flowing and think of a good name and share it with a Board member ASAP

IT (Information Technology):

  • Thanks to Wedding Singer and Legalized for stepping up and exploring current and future needs for our Region
  • Summary:
    • We are keeping status quo for now in regards to website (www.f3southcharlotte.com)
    • IT3 (Wedding Singer, Legalized, and Deflated) have access to sites and work closely with SOB’s IT guru, Wingman, to understand future ideas (ie having our own landing page/site to store documents and/or announcements)


  • 1st F (Hollywood): Discussed workouts that need more energy, workouts that might need splitting up, and other AO possibilities in the area
    • Asylum: Let’s get out and support this site. Damascus is also looking at possibly changing time to attract more. This site might get more people when Watchtower moves to Newtown on June 4th.
    • Impromptu: Keep eye on the numbers. If getting consistently more than 20, start exploring launching another workout.
    • New AO possibilities: A number of schools in our area are not being used for workouts currently. Let’s get out and survey these to see if there are good options; looking for good variety at the site, good lighting, but also a different area.
      • Some of these include: Marvin Elem, Sandy Ridge Elem, Rea View Elem, Waxhaw Elem
      • Any other non-school sites that could work where we have connections? Optimist Park? Weddington United Methodist?
    • Site Qs: We generally have 2 PAX who take the responsibility for each workout (ie getting a Q, understanding safety in area, doing something unique at your workout, picking up the 6, etc.)
      • These positions don’t pay particularly well so we urge others to step up and look to lead (maybe a year commitment)
      • Current Site Qs should do an evaluation: Are they still energized to lead? Do they need to roll off and let somebody else take the reigns for a bit? Have they identified any PAX who is ready to step up?
  • 2nd F (Zinfandel): Unfortunately he couldn’t be present but he has a number of events lined up and/or tentatively planned for remainder of year
    • Zin will be announcing these as they arise
    • This is a LOT of work and coordination so please get up with him if you would like to volunteer your help with one of these events
    • If you have 2nd F ideas that you would like to see implemented (ie F3Dads, Date Nights, Happy Hours, etc.), get up with Zin
  • 3rd F (Foundation): He also wasn’t able to make it but he has some ideas for events for the remainder of year
    • Get up with Foundation if you would like to help him in this area

The Board is excited for the next steps for our Region. As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about (who knew?). F3’s mission is about “invigorating male community leadership” and this Region does a great job of sharing in this leadership. If you haven’t had a chance to lead in F3, what is holding you back? Do you just need to be asked? Then consider this the ask, CAN YOU HELP US OUT? Lead a workout, lead a site, lead an event, bring an FNG, volunteer with one of the Functional Qs, etc. Just LEAD and somebody will follow. Let’s do this!

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