Heavy Day at Hydra

Heavy Day at Hydra

So many Pax arrive to this AO by foot or by bike, that YHC did not see everyone come in. However, with an all pro team in attendance, a weak disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thang

Short warm up run (the long way) to the rock pile at the church. Instructions were to gab a lifting rock, one to be proud of and that would challenge you all morning. I did not rock shame as most everyone followed directions

First exercise was to walk with rock over head back to school lot, if your rock becomes to heavy, then smuggle/chest carry.

Circle up for a brief warm up- in cadence

SSH x 15

Using rock left hand on rock merkins x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Right hand on rock merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 15

Arm Circles x 15 in each direction

Diamond Merkins on rock x 10 (whoops- failed only did 5)

Mosey to the edge of bus lot, line up abreast for the following series x 3 rounds. Instructions were to do 10-15 maybe more depending on the size of your rock. All OYO

  1. Curls
  2. Tricep extensions
  3. Rock (KB) 2 hand swing
  4. Squats
  5. Bent over row
  6. Over head press

During the rest jog to the ledge for 50 calf raises ( Regular, Toes in, toes out)

Mosey to the baseball concession stand

2 rounds of the following- OYO

  1. Bench press with rock 15-25
  2. Jump up x 15
  3. Dips x 15

Run to playground for either 10 pull ups or break them up 5 and do the other 5 on the way back

Finish the run by heading to the little track and back to the baseball diamond


Grab rock an walk/mosey back to the rock pile to deliver rock

Run back to the cars

Cross over sit ups / Left leg over right knee- Right leg over left knee x 15 each

Finish with the 5 Diamond merkins that “I” could not do to start


Announcements: Beer mile is coming up- get on slack ask a friend or Gummy

Thank you to HIPPA for the take out

Ye Old Moleskin

  • As always, thank you for the site Q’s for letting me Q- although I think I was actually helping Bug Eater out…I don’t remember
  • There was some mumble chatter this AM, I blocked most of it out so feel free to comment
  • Most of the chatter was coming from the other end (Spakler, Semi-Gloss, Pudding, Gummy…I am sure others, again not close enough to hear)
  • I think everyone had a decent sized rock, well done. This was intended to be a YvY, so if you don’t feel it, then next time grab a bigger stone next time
  • Proof positive that you can lead from the 6…I was dragging during the last intervals
  • Have a safe weekend with the family this weekend, don’t forget about all the people that have and continue to work hard to defend our country

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VoodooPosted on1:35 pm - May 23, 2019

This workout sounds decent, but if you want “heavy” on a Thursday, you should post at Meathead. Good job, Cheese Curd. I look forward to reading the comments from the peanut gallery.

Cheese CurdPosted on2:19 pm - May 23, 2019

Oh Voodoo…I appreciate the trolling effort to provide a small complement only to plug your own AO. Real slime ball move. I guess I will wait a few days to read you BB before I can comment. Anyways, these were real men (ok, not all of them), doing real man exercises, with the only material which was created by mother nature. Not all about those shinny bells that I assume you had on display today. We should have all be wearing flannels and chewing on sticks…

SprocketsPosted on12:55 pm - May 24, 2019

Is Voodoo attempting to sabotage every good and decent F3 site in South Charlotte this week? First, he tries to mow down a couple dozen RockZero pax in his minivan, and now he’s lobbing cyber attacks at Hydra! Check his passport… I’m pretty sure you’ll find North Korea on there somewhere.

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