Wachovia is only a distant memory because of their poor decision to purchase a CA bank whose primary product was an even more ill-advised product called Pick-a-Payment (or Pick-a-Pay) mortgage. This “fabulous” product offered the customer three choices of payment to make each month, with the predictable outcome that many chose the lowest payment, which would not fully amortize (pay off) their mortgage principal & interest. Today, the Meathead pax were offered a similar choice of three options to Pick-a-Painment; all guaranteed to amortize.

Move to the lighted portion of the parking lot (note to self: speak to mgmt about paying the light bill or fixing the lights, whichever the case)

Disclaimer – elegant in its simplicity

The Thang


  • 10 dead-stop swing in cadence (IC)
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10 two-hand swings IC
  • 10 hand-release merkins IC
  • 10 two-hand swings IC
  • 3 prying squats
  • 10 two-hand swings IC
  • 10 hillbillies IC – always a #crowdpleaser
  • 15 two-hand swings IC

Mosey to playground (aka #kittylitter)


  • Snatch-to-Reverse Lunge-to-eccentric press (slow lower to rack)
    • 5/side for heavy
    • 7/side for medium
    • 10/side for light
    • commentary: most opted for heavy
  • Superset:
    • 5 pullups
    • 5 clean & press (per side)
    • 5 goblet squats
    • repeato 5x (heavy; continue until YHC is complicate if lighter bells used (or if you’re Purell and just fast at everything))

Back on terra firma cheese grater pavement

Superset 2:

  • 10 lawnmower rows per side
  • 10 hand-release merkins (no worms)
  • 10 lungewalks per side
  • Repeato 5x

Finisher – heavy snatches

  • 5 snatches at the top & bottom of each minute (24kg)
  • 7 if moderate (20kg)
  • 10 if light (16kg)
  • continue until time runs out (3-4 minutes)


Thanks, BA, for swapping weeks with me. A skype Q from PHX just wouldn’t have been the same.

Today was designed to allow the pax to pick their own poison, ie. painment, whether going heavier with lower reps (recommended) or lighter with higher reps or something in between. It’s a good idea to mix it up, not doing all of one or the other, and by YHC’s assessment, we do a lot of the lower weight/higher rep variety so that explains today’s rationale.

It’s Monday now (apologies), so I’ve forgotten most of the mumblechatter (double-apologies), not that I caught a lot anyway. But the 2nd F was/is appreciated, nonetheless.


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VoodooPosted on9:34 pm - May 22, 2019

Thanks for Qing, High Tide. That was a simple, but effective lead. I’m pretty sure the check for the power bill is in the mail. And today is Wednesday, High Tide!

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