To boldly go where no man has gone before

To boldly go where no man has gone before

3rd F:

  • Thank you Shepard for the excellent take out.
  • Thoughts and prayers for numerous pax this morning. Many remained publicly silent but need your thoughts.

2nd F:

  • Multiple F3 out reach programs are needing your assistance. Step up and help out.
  • Union County PAX are hosting the Speed For Need: Parks 5k race. come and and support Glass Joe and crew as we push 4 track Commanders across the finish line.

1st F:

Disclaimer given and in typical backward fashion, YHC confuse the PAX and start with the name-o-rama. (Its all good Bullwinkle… you are on time.. you did not miss the beat-down.)

13 HIMs took the DRP this morning.

B​​urpees: 5 OYO
L​​unges: 10 each leg OYO
I​​mperial Walkers: 15
M​​erkins: 20 Civilian Count
P​​lank Jacks: 25 OYO
S​​quats: 30 OYO

(Quiz time) Bernanke (aka Henry) is 1st up. I figured this one was an easy one since we just did the name-o-rama. What is the 1st name of all the members in the PAX today? OK… we need to work on this one guys.. lets roll the dice and see what the payment is for not knowing. 20 Plank Jacks
Mosey to Crossing Paths park

Mosey to Crossing Paths park (lots of mumblechatter on this one.. WHOA now wait a minute we never go left out of parking lot.. always straight or right.. wait wait wait.. what is this .. this sign say private property we can go there.. this is a new park back here this is not where we go.) I love taking PAX out of their comfort zone. Far to often as men we get stuck in a rut and some times we need someone to encourage us to go left vs. right.

(Quiz time) Hair Band (aka Keith) is next up. With the dice of pain in hand he waits for the question. Name two F3 outreach programs. Nailed it.. Starts with Speed for Needs, calls out the Leap program, we add in Mission trips, Disaster Ops, etc. The point is, F3 is far more than just an early morning 1st F beat-down. Get involved, or as a good buddy of mine says all the time when I ask about an event: ” You gotta show to know”

Time for 100’s ​Partner up: Pax 1 does called exercise as partner 2 runs a lap stopping for one burpee at the entry to the park
● 100 Bomb Jacks
● 100 WW2s
● 100 Merkins
Join the 6 to complete..all pax should be doing Merkins by the end.

Time to mosey down the creepy path though the woods next to the railroad track to the Indian Trail town center. (I mean why not right.. what could go wrong.. just because every horror story out there says not to do it.. why not, I got 12 other HIMs with me and if we hear a chainsaw, growling, or banjos; i think i’m faster than at least half of them. #DontOutRunTheBearJustYourFriend)

As we gather up in the parking lot of the Government center…figure its (Quiz time). Glass Joe your up. What are the 5 core principles of F3? 4 out of 5 is not bad for 6am. But we still need to roll the dice of pain for missing it: 20 Freddy Mercury IC.

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust

Time to mosey. Guys … What are you sitting around for.. we got work to do.. get up. Lets go find a Rock pile.

Gypsy rock (Yes Bullwinkle.. I gave you credit for the naming of it… buuuuuut, you had not finished your mosey to us yet to hear that part. )
Called exercises to 20 count and pass your rock left. (OK.. i could really put in a few lines about a certain someone not doing these exercises and walking back and forth to the rock pile to find the perfect rock as he blames other for rock sizes.. but whatever.. modify as needed and when you are a Respect, who am i to judge. Although, it was one of the more creative ways i have seen to get out of a beat-down and YHC might have to use it one day. bahahahhaha )

  • Curls
  • Overhead press
  • Squats
  • Tricep extension

Repeat twice

Mosey back toward the AO (Quiz time) Shepherd, your turn: What is the Mission of F3? Very close but a little help needed and roll of the dice for it.
The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

15 Romanian Dead-lifts each leg

Ladder 7s
1 Wojo Squats run to far end of lot 6 Dry Dock
2 Wojo Squats run to far end of lot 5 Dry Dock
Ect… 6 Wojo Squats run to far end of lot 1 Dry Dock

Short mosey to the launch area for 60 seconds of American Hammer.

Done!! 2 miles and few exercises

Great job by all.
I appreciate the accountability today and Thank you guys for allowing me to lead.

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