Sweet 16!!

Sweet 16!!

At 8:00 last night, I received a text from Gummy. The poor fella needed a sub as he had a long night of work ahead of him and wasn’t sure he’d be fresh for Qing Base Camp. Being the gentlemen and scholar I am, I told him to get his much needed beauty sleep and I would take it. Granted, I did not have much of a plan by 5:29 this morning, but somehow it came together. Post the arrival of 11 willing participants and a stellar disclaimer, it went a lot like this…..

Warm Up:

Jog around the parking lot with high knees and butt kickers

16 IW, 16 low squats, 16 MC

The Thang:

Jog down to the track. We ran a lap, but stopped every quarter lap to do 16 LBCs. Once we completed the lap, we walked to the nearest sideline of the football field and lined up abreast (a word our boy Gummy loves). Orders were given to run to the opposite side of the field and conduct 15 of the stated exercise, run back to our starting point and do 10 reps, then run back across the field yet again for 5 reps of the stated exercise. I am “pretty sure” we followed that format for:

  • Heels to Heaven
  • Lunges
  • Dolly
  • Flutter

We then sashayed to the center of the football field for a starfish format. 16 of the called exercise, including:

  • Jump squats at northwest corner of the field
  • Rosalita at the northeast corner of the field
  • CDDs at the southeast corner of the field
  • LBCs at the southwest corner of the field
  • Merkins in the center of the field following every corner

After some planking and ten counting, we moseyed to the SCMS restrooms frequently used for pre and post F3 workout extermination. We did wall work with leg raises and arm presses. Then on to the baseball field and partner up. Partner one runs the steps and turnabout path while Partner two passes the time with an exercise. Flapjack upon Partner one’s return. We tackled:

  • Step Ups
  • Incline Merkins
  • Dips?

We journeyed back up to the parking lot, but on the way picked up a rock. Keep your partner and trade off either running to the third basketball hoop in the lot (or run into the CMS bus first) or lift your rock to complete:

  • Curls
  • Squats
  • OH Presses
  • Tricep Ext.

We couldn’t end on just dropping off the rocks so with 30 seconds left we ran one 50 yard gasser.

That’s a wrap!


We knocked out 2.6 miles this morning. This crew did not let up. Maybe it was all the veteran crew…..maybe it was because it was already 70+ degrees and extremely humid and everyone just wanted it to be over with…..or maybe we just had 11 studs who wanted to start off the week right. I’m bettin’ on the third possibility.

They were also a patient pax! I haven’t Q’d in over 5 months so I was a little rusty…..my BRR bro Hannibal had to remind me what an Incline Merkin is called and I was seriously huffing after the cadence of IW….not a good start!

So many great dudes out this morning! Some of my first introductions to F3 six years ago a la Smash and Fireman Ed….they are still at it and still strong. My bro Lazy Boy doesn’t look 50 as he is always in the front of the pax during any drill! Running in the thin mountain air of Boone helps HIPAA dust the rest of us when it comes to the 400 ft elevation of SCMS! Sardine was never far behind him. Boss Hog is the gentle giant, but something tells me I’d never want to tangle with the man. Clover was cool and didn’t laugh at his partner (uh, that was me) picking out a ten pound (maybe?) rock from the pile. Hannibal guessed my reasoning for the 16 count (to be explained un momento), proving he has Yoda like wisdom. Mr. Magoo was quick and confident with every exercises because, frankly, that’s the way guys from Ohio are wired! And lastly, Thunder Road, the consummate class act and site Q, allowed a chump who has taken a five month hiatus away from leading, take the reins today….thank you TR!

Oh, so great question…..why all the 16 counts?? Funny you should ask! I had rotator cuff surgery exactly 16 weeks ago today. If you told me even 4 weeks ago, I would be leading a F3 workout soon, I would ask if I could share the glue you are sniffing. But, fortunately, I am feeling much more like myself and I have the pax to thank for that, which leads me to…..


  • Starting on June 3, there will be a new workout, M*A*S*H. It is for men on IR who still want to connect with the pax and continue to be a part of the Fellowship of F3. We will meet at the Base Camp site at 5:30, then head out for a walk or some form of VERY light exercise. We will then meet back at BC for COT at 6:15. Coffeterias will be held often after the workouts if men are feeling up for it. This will be a great way to keep guys who need a temporary rest in tune with F3 and not mistakenly let them slip away. Trust me…..men need this when they are physically (and maybe emotionally) healing!!! More to come, but spread the word!
  • Memorial Day convergence with DMZ at Base Camp. 7:00 start!

Thanks for a great prayer and take-out, Lazy Boy!

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