Out Running Swift

Out Running Swift

I haven’t been out to Bagpipe in a long while and had to look it up on a map to make sure I knew how to get there. Luckily Tagalong reminded me Sunday night about my Q. I saw some new faces, and unfortunately a lot of ugly old ones (not you FireHazard). Mosey down to the bullring. Warmup and then the fun begins.

Start on the rights side of the building and run around the semicircle and 5 hand release merkins at each speedbump even though they didn’t exists. When you get to the end run down the next row and then back the last row to finish. Plank for the 6.

Then we moseyed over to the Y parking lot for some dangerous fun. Run to the end of each parking row and 10 hand release merkins, while avoiding cars at the same time. Once complete, we headed over to loch ness. Two laps with 20 decline merkins, 20 dips and so step ups. Once finished, 5 burpees. We head back to the launch for some merry.

Moleskin: It was great to coming back to where it all started for me. I forgot a lot about the site and had to google a little to re-familiarize myself with the area. Apparently, Kirby and Tagalong know more than Google earth and swore there weren’t any speedbumps despite the fact I could clearly see one. Or was it the light? As we ran around the building, we noticed the Swift guys doing a lot of standing around, most notably FireHazard and Voodoo. Very thing, I thought Swift was a running workout, not a walk around with a glow in the dark shirt on workout? How times have changed. We got a total of 3.25 miles which I am guessing was more than Swift for the first time ever. Thanks again for having me out. Fun times as always.


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VoodooPosted on5:01 pm - May 21, 2019

For the record, I was walking around, not standing. Citgo Qed another tough one this morning at Swift.

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