Friggin’ Monday’s though…

Friggin’ Monday’s though…

Holy moly what a rough couple workouts it’s been over the last week. That Cindy workout on Saturday was just brutal and the bros were spent. I know I was. DW told me he had the Q again Monday and I laughed at him. Not with him.

He asked me to split the Q in hopes of avoiding a complete mutiny during his workout. I get it. His workouts are tough….the intensity levels are high and his personal expectations are a bit unfair. He also doesn’t pack any soft words of encouragement on that weinke of his, so you have to come ready to work. And work we did…

Holy sheet this is a lot of people. DiCCS given. Let’s ROLL!!


DW’s show begins. Two hot laps around the lot.

Circle up. Line up now that we are on the sidewalk. Exercise:

  • 50 x SSH IC. WTH.
  • 20 x Merkins IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • 20 x Imperial Walkers

Form two lines. Duck Walk Indian run. Guy at the back completes 2 x Merkins and then runs to the front. If you were low enough this was awful. If you were high, you heard me call you a crane.

Mosey to corner of school to find some wall. Donkey Kickoffs, 10 sec hold and 5 merkins between rounds. I apologize as I was the one that grunted when he said 4 Merkins but everyone pushed hard and luckily he audibled.

Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace and find some sidewalk. Lt Dan or Jack Webb’s? Starting with 1 WW2 sit up and going up to 10. A smattering of other abdominals exercises from 4 up to 40 between rounds.

Baton handed to me for the rest of the Q. Let’s go…

Mosey towards big lot for some circuit training. Stopping periodically for 6” plank jacks IC, Quantities of 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Mosey to next big lot for more circuit training. Quantities of 5, 10, 15, 20. Jump lunges OYO at each corner.

Mosey to small lot for last round of circuit training. Burpees OYO. Quantities of 2, 4 and 6 due to time.

Mosey to portico. 15 Mike Tyson’s, run downstairs, 2 burpees, back upstairs. Complete MTs until the 6 is in. Ouch.

Mosey to front of middle school. Partner up with opposite speeds. One partner runs 1/2 a hot lap while other partner completes exercise. Split 100 x Box Jumps or modify to steps ups. Audible called. Modified to dips. Recover due to remaining time.

Mosey back to start.


We all bring different ideals to a post. We all want different outcomes but I think most are there to improve. I love to break balls with my brothers and DW is a really easy target for me. We are friends and his sass calls for me to knock him down a few pegs. Almost hourly…

However DW is easily one of the hardest working brothers out there. Many can learn from him….

If you push yourself, he will pick you up when you fall. Chit chat while lagging in the 6 and prepare for him to bark at you.

Obviously some fun poking him this morning at his seriousness over the weekend. I think the point of his soapbox in his BB Saturday was less about mumble chatter and just more of a reminder of what we are there to do. Sometimes we need a harsh kick in the ass some gentle encouragement. Ain’t nothing wrong with that….

Many times we focus much more on how it’s said and less about what’s being said. Weed through the noise and chase the dude in front of you beating you every morning. Then when you catch him, chase the next and then one after that. Then when you catch DW tell him to shut his big fat mouth!! Bet you won’t….

Great job all 34 guys that pushed this AM. That’s was a brutal beatdown with all shapes and sizes of men. I saw people pushing hard and that’s what this is all about. Great to see a lot of new guys and a good reminder to chat those guys up with encouragement at the end to keeping showing up.

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!


  • Watchtower News:
    • Breadbowl has the Q tomorrow!
      Only 2 weeks left before Watchtower officially moves to New Town Elementary on June 4th

    Memorial Day Convergences @ Nesbit Park

    • The Murph @ 6:30am. More details to come since this is a timed event but all pretty straightforward. 20+ dudes training for this for the last couple weeks. Be there!!
    • Special Boot Camp @ 6:30am hosted by Popeye and Fusebox. Talk of weighted backpacks maybe?
    • Coffeeteria to follow @ 7:30am via McDonalds (but you know I’m bringing my snobby ass Starbucks in there!!)

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