Calling All Injured PAX: New Area 51 “workout” starting June 3! Name is M*A*S*H!

  • When:06/03/2019
  • QIC: Hopper

Calling All Injured PAX: New Area 51 “workout” starting June 3! Name is M*A*S*H!

Four months ago I underwent rotator cuff surgery and was tasked with attending PT twice a week as well as self-administering PT twice a day to get myself back to bootcamp ready status! I am still in the midst of PT, but the discipline and consistency of exercise I learned from F3, and primarily the Fellowship I want to return to, have driven me to not miss a day of therapy. That said, it’s not easy being out of the gloom when that was such a high point of my pre-injury life!

So, why not rehab together? Starting on Monday, June 3, all IR pax join me at South Charlotte Middle (site of Base Camp) at 5:30 AM. We will fist bump a few friends before starting out to walk the streets of Raintree, etc. before coming back to SCMS for COT with the Base Camp pax. No injury is too big or too small (Equal Injury Opportunity Workout). We will enjoy the camaraderie that IS F3, but do it at our own walking pace. Coffeterias after are a strong possibility.

Slack messages and Tweets are coming leading up to June 3, but spread the word in the meantime!! Also, healthy pax who just need a break from being studs are welcome to join us!

More to come!


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GummyPosted on12:37 pm - May 20, 2019

I love this idea – I could’ve used this a few years ago with my last big injury. I’m so looking forward to my next injury so I can join this. Give it 10 more years and we’ll have a workout called Rummy where we play cards and board games.

HopperPosted on6:50 pm - May 20, 2019

Thanks Gummy! I think I will need “Rummy” in less than three years!

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