RockZero LSD (#crowdpleaser)

RockZero LSD (#crowdpleaser)

21 pax assembled to see what the substi-Q had in store. Kettlebells? Nope, not today. A deconstructed Murph? Good guess, but no. How about a little running? Haha…this is High Tide, right?

Disclaimer & assignment of vets to shepherd our two FNGs

The Thang

Mosey out of the parking lot and head up Rea Rd toward 51, cross at the light, heckle Voodoo in the man-i-van headed to a 5k with his 2.1, and continue on to Brookdale senior center for SSH.

Continue down Rea toward Colony, with intermittent stops to corral the pax and get in some exercises (WW2 sit-ups, LBCs, HR merkins, etc).

Keep keeping on, exercising and mumblechattering along the way, all the way to the Ascent AO at Olde Providence Elementary. Note that there is no Ascent posting today, and head around back to the playground.

Work set:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 HR (hand-release) merkins
  • 15 ATG (ass-to-grass) squats
  • Rinse & repeato until Q calls time. There was a fair amount of standing around & refusniking, so we ran out of time after the participating pax got in about 2 rounds. (In retrospect, we needed to head on back from a time perspective)

Head back to Calvary, again with intermittent stops to gather the pax and continue exercises, albeit with longer intervals and fewer stops than on the outbound trip. Arrive on campus right on time.

5.11 mile per YHC’s Garmin.


  • Memorial Day convergence next weekend (silent prerun; 100 burpees to end; 3 Qs).
  • Signup for Crane Relay
  • Signup for Beer Mile


While running home from the workout, my mind was full of things to include in the backblast. As I write this 9 hours later, nothing comes to mind…

Many thanks to those helping us stay together. With 21 pax, the potential to spread out on the runs was pretty high. Sprockets and Flipper were consistently out front and faithful to circle back for the six. Hoover maintained a close watch of the six, while Nemo kept tabs on the #hatehates in attendance. T-claps, guys.

Nice work by all the pax, bearing with YHC’s ambitious plan for a little running today. With an AO required minimum of 3 miles, we may have PR’ed today with 5.11 (ranging from ~4.8-5.3 or so, depending on your circle backs or not). YHC had originally planned for a LSD today, before the call to Q, so once it was cleared up over whether today was to be “heavy” or “light”, a merger of the LSD and Q was hatched. Between YHC’s run in/out and other pax’s preruns, a lot of miles were covered today.

Welcome to FNGs Bedpan (Roman, a doctor) and Recess (Stephen, a 17 year old homeschooler who loves to “play outside”). As we like to say, keep coming out – it doesn’t get easier, but you’ll get stronger. Aye!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. Always an honor. Aye.

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HooverPosted on1:59 am - May 19, 2019

Thanks for coming through today. It was a smoker but we held it together.

Including prerun, today was a 4 Miller Lite recovery run.

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