Why are we in the deck?

Why are we in the deck?

6 men showed at 5:10 for a pre-run around Stonecrest

As the PAX gathered (15 total for the main event) there was the usual friendly banter, the time was growing near so the disclaimer was given a little early as to not waste time – YHC mentioned we would be crossing Rea Rd and I realized I may have “angered” some… but off we went at 5:30 anyway.

Mosey over to parking lot in front of Harris Teeter for warmup – 15 SSHs, 15 IWs, 15 Mountain climbers, 10 arm circles/10 seal claps/10 overhead claps.

The Thang

Mosey across Rea Rd to Brown Bag parking deck:
line up abreast one wall. PAX would bear crawl to opposite wall (width of deck) and do 10 hand release merkins; then lungewalk back and do 10 supermans (3 times)
line up abreast on the wall heading length of the deck. PAX would do 10 Carolina Dry Docks run up the far stairs and to the far wall of above deck for 10 donkey kicks then return to start (3 times)
line up abreast on 1st wall. PAX would crabwalk to opposite wall and do 10 LBCs; then broadjump back and do 10 merkins (3 times)

Mosey back across Red Rd to Stonecrest to the hill in front of Regal Cinema. Stopped for some called Mary along the way. Partner up – 1 partner run up the hill and back while the other does called exercise (hand release merkins/supermans/LBCs).

Given the PAX were crushing it and we had another 7 minutes to spare we tried to get in a long lap around Stonecrest stopping at each speedbump for 10 jump squats

Given the great temps and pleasant weather the PAX were none to pleased to be cooped up in a parking deck – I will take it under advisement for next time – ha, who I am kidding no I won’t. Another point of order was raised to YHC with the ambitious call of heading around Stonecrest for a long lap with only 7 minutes left. This proved to correct and I should have heeded the warning… oh well, we got 2 minutes of extra credit… you’re welcome.

All PAX put in great effort and pushed themselves this morning. Strange Brew has a very fast broadjump technique and YHC copied that one, thanks. Madame raised the question “are we supposed to be doing merkins or whatever those are?” It’s always nice to have your form checked so you can get in the proper work, thanks Madame.


Olaf on Q next week, please come on out for his 1st Q as the new Rebel Yell site Q

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