I walk the Line

I walk the Line

22 showed up on a crisp southern morning to finish off the week at the best campus in Union County. I’ve been out of the mix a bit with a lot of work travel so when this showed up on my calendar I cringed a bit – wondering if I could muster up enough to push the group. Knowing that Zin was coming of a 7 day European Beer Bender gave me some hope. I had a goal of not doing a lot of “running” given that Gerber and Wolverine have been increasing the mileage at the Floater on Thursdays.. again I said less running.

Warm up after DCCS

  • mosey front of middle schoo
  • SSH/Merkins/knee slaps/morrocan night club



Grab a bench for the 5-10-15-20 (It’s my standard 1st exercise if you haven’t picked up on it yet). 3 Exercise pack of (dips,derkins and step ups) for 5-10-15-20 reps with a Bobby Hurley in between

7’s on the short hill

Mosey to the High School Gym hill for 7’s. 1 Bobby Hurley at the bottom and 6 Mike Tyson’s at the top

Pinball Sprints

Mosey to the cirlce between football and baseball section. Organize in groups of three. P1 stays at top/P2 heads to cirlce/P3 is the timer. Goal was to have the timer sprint between, while P1 does in/outs and P2 does squats and lunges. Each Pax to be timer/sprinter for 5 times. Some confusion not calling out names – SNB or the guy that pre-runs and leaves early.

Mosey to Rudy’s Refuge — quick 25 air presses and 25 donkey kicks

Get them to puke

The old 15 is a horrible high school basketball drill used at the beginning of the season to weed out the weak or surface those that came in out of shape. Garbage cans usually positioned at each end of the court.

Everyone on sidelines for 1 minute sprints starting with 15 sideline touches. Teams of 3 for the penalty – individually take touches you didnt complete add up as a team and that’s the number of Hurleys

  • 15’s
  • 15’s
  • Slides around the court
  • 14’s
  • Bear Crawl across Court
  • 13’s
  • 12’s (?)

Mosey back to the Flag and do 1 minute of parking space merkins.

Done – COT-Announcements

We ended getting in 2.25 miles today- most of it “sprinting” not running…..I find that if you dont like to run distances – sprinting is the best way to build some endurance and expand the lungs. Well done everyone – not a lot of mumble chatter on the hardwood. I was teamed with GatorCub/Dana on the 15’s . Gator Cub was pulling me and Dana was pulling him and Damascus was pull all. That’s the beauty of our power in numbers and range in abilities; there are people that can push or pull you along. Next time you are out there try and team with someone that is a level or two above you>>>>but then return the privilege and pull someone a level below the next time. Let’s all move the needle together.

Announcements – Open Book on Sundays/Brooklyn Pizza Bible Study on Mondays.

2nd F – Kegger tonite at Old MacDonalds. Bring wooden chairs, old couches or any old furniture you can use to fuel the bonfire.

June 7th – Friday – Jammin by the Tracks downtown Waxhaw. MoneyBall send off!!!!!!!!!

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