better than this backblast

better than this backblast

17 at Kevlar for #FunFriday.


  • Run around to pick up Fault Line’s FNG, culminating in some lackluster COP with even more pathetic counting.
  • Run around the medians doing exercises at each one. Do this a few times. Themes of 7.
  • Suicides at the trees on the other side of campus. More exercises. Continue the theme. Farting (also in 7s).
  • Partner work on the hill.
  • AYG to the Orange Jeep. Touch it with your body.
  • More Mary than any of us were comfortable with.


General tip for backblasts. If you are typing up multiple pages listing each and every side-straddle-monkey-humper and mileages to three decimal points, please stop.

Speaking of backblasts, it was publicly proclaimed by others that this backblast would outclass the workout. I think it was a little presumptuous, because it was before my strained cadence count to 10 merkins let the cat out of the bag, but you guys will have to be the judge here.

Sorry I did not meet the exact requirements sent to me by several others over text message last night for 4+ miles and no running whatsoever. Texting me photos of your injuries and other demands may help next time so I can better cater to each individual requirement. I did feel that one text inquiring about shoe selection was out of bounds. Are we comparing outfits now? I can’t believe you are wearing those heels with that top!

Remember “You Can’t Do That on Television” from the Nickelodeon glory days? The slime was the best part. It was not the best part of this morning, however, when I sat down in somebody’s giant snot hocker on the pavement. Like, gross . . .totally.

Cottontail drives a giant Cadillac with chrome rims. I notice these things.

Welcome FNG “Red Baron”. Lots of material here, with a hospital name pretty close to Rob Lowe, a construction background, Missouri heritage, and aviation hobbies. He hung in there pretty good, especially being one year away from double-respect.

Rosencrants and Guilderstern are dead, and so is this backblast.


Everyone’s least favorite Monday Summer workout, HorseyMcHorseArse, will be launching soon. We may move it out a week to accommodate some Memorial Day workouts (although what is more patriotic than pledging allegiance to a flag illuminated with Christmas lights). Stay tuned.


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VoodooPosted on2:52 pm - May 17, 2019

I wasn’t at the workout, but I think the backblast was excellent. With respect to the backblast pointer above, how are we supposed to plagiarize workouts if there’s not a detailed backblast? #asking4afriend

HorseheadPosted on3:12 pm - May 17, 2019

The omission of multiple pages of monkey humping to three decimals should not prevent one from giving a general summary that could be repurposed for future benefit by your friend.

HopsPosted on6:15 pm - May 17, 2019

A couple of questions: one. Does Tiger Rag now do Burpee‘s since his reappearance?
Was it Orange Whip that asked for advice on shoes and matching outfit?
And who was it that spelled out his name in farts on the asphalt ?

HorseheadPosted on6:29 pm - May 17, 2019

Does Tiger Rag now do Burpee‘s since his reappearance? Yes, but only when the Q calls something else.

Was it Orange Whip that asked for advice on shoes and matching outfit? No, it was not. He would never ask me for fashion advice after the skintight muscle-shirt shaming of 2018.

And who was it that spelled out his name in farts on the asphalt ? We believe it was Puddin (shocker), but none of us read cursive and it dried into a crust already.

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