Excuse me, could you please tell me how to get back on the expressway?

Excuse me, could you please tell me how to get back on the expressway?

22 men gathered in an elementary school parking lot this morning. Don’t tell Geraldo, but there were three female ruckers leaving the parking lot as I pulled in. Their blinky and headlight game was strong. Anyway, we had an FNG among us (Mimi – he was wearing an Indians hat, Drew Carey is from Cleveland, Mimi was a character on the Drew Carey show), so the disclaimer was airtight. Hops ditched his men’s group finally to post at Hydra and found a rowdy bunch.

We ran down to HT for a quick warmup – it was by far the loudest COP I’ve ever been a part of. Not the cadence counting, mind you, but the general conversations about who knows what. You better have your Q loins girded up when you tackle the Hydra. The boys are unrelenting. Anyway, AYG back to the school (aggressive). Then we went over to the church for some rocks and running sets. Then back to the concession area for some benches and running sets. I killed a few minutes with a wall sit/burpee combo, then we got over to the field for some Mary and running sets. There was A LOT of complaining about the wet grass. Bring a towel. You’ll be fine.

Other observations:
– Sprockets is fast. He got back to the school and through a lap on the mini track by the time we got there. Come to Fast Twitch!
– I think Floor Slapper got to the workout at 5:45, after we got back to the school.
– Hopper has clearance to do merkins again after a long recovery from shoulder surgery. He claims the doc told him never to do burpees again. Semi Gloss must go to the same doctor.
– Jet Fuel joined the pre-workout circle with his shirt untucked, jeopardizing his Dick’s Sporting Goods modeling contract.

– Beer Run this Saturday, starting at noon. Check out the Slack Channel.
– Beer Mile on 6/7 at 7:00 pm. Check out the Slack Channel.
– Paintball on 6/8 – see Pop Tart for details.

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HopperPosted on3:14 pm - May 16, 2019

Yep! Never, EVER!! Majestic lead this morning Gummy! Hydra has had a consistent 20+ pax showing lately. Must be those through the gate give-aways you are promoting on TwitterFace!

HIPAAPosted on4:09 pm - May 16, 2019

This was so much fun. Gummy you created an exceptional environment for both batflippers and refuseniks alike. Strong variety, kept it moving and didn’t drop anybody.

Curious choice to mosey down to The Teeter for COP only to AYG all the way back to the Launch Point. Really exploring the whole canvas there.

I’d give it a solid Teddy Roosevelt or maybe even a Hugh Glass on the Herman-Willink Scale, AND (and this is tough to pull off) at least a Murphy on the Fellowship and Entertainment Metric (FEM) Scale. Need some help from Puddin Pop to flesh that scale out.

1. Mitt Romney
2. Rosie ODonnell
3. Rosanne Barr
8. Eddie Murphy
9. Richard Pryor

Still under development.

Lots of Kotters or new folks out there today. Kobayashi in his 6th post all time. Hadn’t seen Cottonmouth in a while. Vespa visiting from the small farming village of Cotswold to help lubricate Mimi’s entry into The Gloom for the first time. Pop Tart slipped in there Undercover Boss style. Marge fresh off a Cruise to Remember. Sleepy, La-z-Boy and Tackling Dummy with strong individual performances.

Have been DR last few weeks and haven’t been able to post at Hydra – missed it a lot. Thanks to Site Qs for your continued strong leadership.

    HopsPosted on5:44 pm - May 16, 2019

    “lubricate Mimi’s entry”? I do love the nickname, though. Had forgotten how grotesque and funny that character was on the Drew Carey Show. T-claps to PopTart for that one. Not even sure if Mimi is from Cleveland, but he was wearing an Indians lid and we talked baseball.
    T-claps to Hopper for posting. Funniest comment of the morning (caveat: couldn’t discern any of the conversations in what was the cacophony of mumblechatter during COP): “Hopper’s doctor said he can never do burpees again.” Then the response: “I think Semi-Gloss goes to the same doctor.” On the positive side, Gloss did rebound both Wednesday (Q at Anvil) and today from his bra strap blister that shut him down partially at Hawks Nest on Tuesday.
    I actually admire Floorslapper for posting so late…you can’t really even deem that as LIFO. He gets there when he gets there….you can set your clock to it….I think.
    Sippy Cup is a great nickname.
    Deep Dish informed me that I was running in serpentine fashion during the gassers at the end, so had I run in a straight line, pretty sure that means I’m faster than Sprockets.
    Good Q Gummy. A sneaky 3 miles (almost) but bootcamp-approved.
    Great to be back at Hydra. What the AO lacks in topography and layout — the pax more than make up for..
    Cousin Jackie

JetFuelPosted on11:25 pm - May 16, 2019

I am renegotiating my Dick’s Sporting Goods contract. Academy Sports really wants me which has substantially increased my negotiating leverage.

SprocketsPosted on12:58 pm - May 17, 2019

Honestly, we’re going to have to start issuing the Hydra Q a bullhorn if the decibels of chatty cathys keep turning up like this. Its like everyone was celebrating summer break already. Awesome Q, and a truly festive environment.

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