What time is it anyway??

What time is it anyway??

I don’t expect pity from anyone from a bit of jet lag but yesterday was 20 hours of travel to get back home. It was brutal but it was good to be home! It wasn’t good to get a text from Deadwood reminding me I had the Q tomorrow…. BUCKLE UP!

We got the kids to sleep at 7:30pm last night, which was my newly adjusted time 1:30am. The odds of me posting were 50/50 at best and so luckily I contacted our neighborhood concierge. They manage the community Rolodex and took my replacement Q with great concern.

I quickly shared with them where I stack ranked across the community against all other F3 members. They quickly had the suggestion to go to the bottom of the barrel with the idea of making that person better….

Turns out it was going to be split Q because Banjo and Dancing Bear are freaking awful….could I trust that they would get this done? They had no chance but to commit to me. I would need to trust in them because no way could I put enough brain cells into writing a weinke…

I arrived, both Qs were onsite and it was time….

Banjo provided that tiny West Virginia DiCCS that his wife told him was fine….off we go!!


Banjo has the first “half”…

Warmup mosey back behind Pet Smart and over to Target parking lot. Circle up:

  • 20 x SSH
  • 15 x IW
  • 20 x Merkins
  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Calf Stretch
  • 15 x Widearm Merkin

Mosey back to new medical buildings for some EMOM. Every Minute on the Minute. 10 burpees & 35 monkey jumpers. Complete 3 rounds, on last round hump up to 50

Mosey to Petsmart for Jack Webb’s of 9. 8 Donkey kicks, hold last for 10 seconds and then 1 merkin. Rep scheme:8-1, 7-2, 6-3 etc….

Mosey to Target parking lot get in groups of 3. Burpee then sprint to partner at light pole, next partner does a burpee then sprints etc. 4 rounds.

Dancing Bear realized it was way past half of the workout and it was his turn…

Using the long lot in the Target parking light. 2 lights up and 1 back. The up is 10 speed skaters and back 10 high knee slaps. Once complete sprint backwards to the start.

Second round. 10 mountain climbers and 10 plank jacks.

Mosey to Petsmart for a Starfish a car. Burpee at the center between each round. 4 corners of 15 reps each. LBCs. Heels to Heaven. American Hammers. WW II sit-ups.

Mosey back to COT. Times up.


I weighted myself before leaving for my 7 day beer adventure with my lovely wife knowing my daily calorie allotments would be high. 207 is what I weighed when I left but as of this morning I weighed 220. It was totally worth all the incredible breads, cheeses and brews….

I knew today would be brutal but I deserved what ever was coming. I am feeling indifferent about my split Q brothers, Banjo and Dancing Bear. I may never say anything even remotely nice about either of you publicly and even after this morning I don’t intend to change that. I do at least plan to just give you guys a simple thank you. That’s it.

Also, please make a point to ask you both pee less in the pool this year. It’s gross.

I’m slowly falling asleep typing this but I agreed to write the BB in exchange for the Q coverage. My end of the negotiations is complete. Goodnight and good day sirs.

Thank you Bottlecap for taking us out.


    Soft Pretzel has Dromedary
    Chicken Little has Chiseled
    Watchtower’s location is changing in June

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