Shirts and Skins

Shirts and Skins

Mosey to parking lot


IW Cad 15

Merkins Cad 15

MC Cad 15

Circuit training.

Start at shelter 15 dips 20 derkins 25 step ups

Run to circle at the front 15 Merkins 20 cdd 25 squats

Run to the back entrance 15 heels to heaven 20 lbc 25 Freddy mercury Run long loop back to shelter 3 times total 

Mosey to rock pile Partner up Rock work. 1 partner does called exercise while other partner runs to light post Round 1 Curls – 100 Round 2 Tricep extension -100 Round 3 Overhead press. 200

Run back to the launch. – Mary and Merkins

Mole of skin

Was a little nervous about the shoulder injury from Hawksnest the day before.  Texted Haze yesterday and told him that I might have to pull him in.  Went to Physical Therapy and got it healed up for my q.  Got the AO at 5 to stretch like the old man that I am.  Workout was plain but there was a little grumbling from the pax on the run.  Since the back was questionable I know I could do that.  Champagne informed me that he almost debated not coming today because he knew I was going to run.  Sorry about that. Got a text from Kirk that he was coming in hot and he didn’t disappoint with his work socks on as well.  The back talk was the usual with everyone giving it back to YHC the whole workout.  Spackler was unusually quiet this morning, a gentleman really. Haze wore the same shirt as me and apparently the same size as well.  Lorax continues to be out front and hard to keep up with .  Snuka was up there as well.  Pretty sure Jet Fuel, Spackler and myself stopped some of the workout early.  The 200 overhead presses were a little excessive I must admit.  Welcome Chaos from Quantico VA, enjoyed hearing your story and catching up at Coffee.  come back anytime brother.


Calvary Church is celebrating 80 years this Sunday at their 9:30 service.  Champagne, I think I got that right.  Sound off if not. 

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Purple HazePosted on2:32 pm - May 15, 2019

Honestly, I showed up to see this thing fall apart…but you held it together nicely and gave the Pax a good workout. I did feel bad for two things:

1) Danner or Tori, whichever one had to apply that K-Tape to your back.
2) The stitching on that small BRR shirt…it really put forth a lot of effort this morning.

Also, it was a special bonus for me to partner up with you this morning on the rock work. I mean running back to where you doing those tricep extensions, that shirt moving from a belly shirt to revealing your midriff…really took me back to an early 2000s Britney Spears video. I may never recover.

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