Chuck-et the Bucket Vs Richard Simmons

Chuck-et the Bucket Vs Richard Simmons

If the thought of a guest Q with Richard Simmons wasn’t enough to get Union Co. PAX out to Shiloh Elementary, I just don’t know what will. But it was enticement enough for Glass Joe and Shepherd. Unfortunately Mr. Simmons pulled a BW and was nowhere to be found. Maybe he was off hanging with his cousin Gene.


After a mosey around the parking lot we triangle’d up for:


IW INx20

Windmills AV style ICx10

HillBillies ICx20

Little Baby Arm Circles 10F/10B

Big Arm Circles 10F/10B

Finalize that with some hamstring & back stretches.

The Thing:

Starting at our vehicles, two PAX run ahead 1 or 2 light poles (depending on distance between them), stop and do the called exercise while #3 carries a covered 5 gallon bucket, full of water to them. When #3 arrives, next guy takes the bucket while the other two run ahead a couple light poles and do the called exercise. Every two cycles of bucket carrying we changed the exercise, and they were – Burpees – Heels To Heaven – Merkins. This got us up and around the parking lot of SV Elementery and back, past our vehicles to the wall of the school near the classroom trailer. Somewhere on the way back from SV Elem, we did 10 train burpees upon hearing the train blasting it’s way through Indian Trail/Monroe.

Grabbed us some wall and Peoples Chair with arms forward for 60 seconds, recover. Then did a few merkins or something??? Hit the wall again, Peoples Chair with 100 air press Civilian Count, then arms forward till the next car drove by (30-40 seconds), recover. Then a few more somethings??? Back on the wall, Peoples Chair 50 SLOW air press, Civilian Count, arms forward till next car drove by and recover. One last bucket carry back to the parking area and some jump squats.


Dying Cockroach ICx20

Dollies ICx20

Backscratchers with legs elevated ICx20 (at this point I had some dust or something start irritating my throat and proceeded to start trying to hack something up which almost resulted in gag reflex taking it’s toll, ALMOST!)

Finished up with American Hammer ICx19.


What a great morning, 48 degrees, perfect weather to get out and push yourself without thinking about overheating, but still leave some sweat angels. Happy to see GJ and Shep out there, even though Richard Simmons was a no show. GJ seems to have recovered from his mystery illness on Tuesday and I think Shepherd was getting sick of carrying the bucket o’ suck, err, I mean water. It did make a great seat when you got to a light post, eh Shep?

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