Meat and Taters

Meat and Taters

18 men showed up for a great morning and a standard workout.  I haven’t been out to Hawks Nest in a while but it is one of the better AO’s in Charlotte.

The workout:  Head to big track.  1 quickish lap.

4 Corners, 25 of each at each corner. 25 Merkins, 25 Squats, 25 Situps, 25 Mountain Climbers

Lap 2, 25 dry docks, 25 monkey humpers, 25 Freddie Mercury’s, 25 lunges.

after finishing those 800 reps we ran over to the turf field.

Partner up:

P1 Run

P2 Merkins flapjack until we hit 200 reps.

Round 2 100 Jump Squats

Round 3 200 LBC’s

Head back to main parking lot for 20 burpees and we’re done.

Fun big group out there this morning with picture perfect 50 degree weather.  Semigloss went ahead and hurt himself on the very first lap.

Definitely a suspect  move as he started his own track work after resting on the bench for 10 minutes and giving himself a massage on the brick corner of the building.  Weird. 

I hope everyone enjoyed it, we had standard situations like everyone making fun of me for a disorganized start, Puddin’s sh*t ups instead of situps, Header’s condescending remarks, and Iron Horse kicking my arse.  Thanks to Hops for inviting me to lead and then helping me with my planned destinations and most of all taking us out in prayer.   I botched the PAX list with getting bombarded by Fast Twitch along with 3 or so slipping out at 6:13. 

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HopsPosted on6:29 pm - May 14, 2019

Pax list: Bananas, Marge, Iron Horse, Ironsides, Semi-Gloss, Puddin’ Pop, Kobayashi, Schmedium, Header, Hammer, Geraldo, Billy Goat, Hops, Deep Dish, Good Hands…missing a few

HopsPosted on6:34 pm - May 14, 2019

Other sundry observations:
Semi-Gloss pulled his upper back…right where the bra strap rubs.
Iron Horse makes 58 look like 30. Kobayashi posts for the 2nd day in a row – TClaps.
Geraldo and I, rightly so, pointed out that there’s many variations of arithmetic and form, particularly when 100 reps of something are to be completed within 400 meters.
Pretty sure the burpees at the end were refuseniked by almost all…not even sure why you listed them in the Thang.

JokerPosted on7:01 pm - May 14, 2019

Bananas your lack of commitment to documenting, recording or memorizing the PAX list was truly inspirational. You probably call friends “hey man” or “what’s up big guy?” when you see them on the street.

BananasPosted on7:22 pm - May 14, 2019

Joker I do that. A lot “bud”.

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