Coming back home

Coming back home

  • 3rd F:  Thank you Faultline for taking us out this morning
  • 2nd F:  Announcements
  • 1st F:  The Thang (14 men took the DRP this Friday morning and joined YHC for a brief 2 part workout.)
    • Warm up: 1 BLIMPS
      • Burpees:  5 OYO
      • Lunges:  10 each leg OYO
      • Imperial Walkers: 15
      • Merkins: 20 Civilian Count
      • Plank Jacks: 25 OYO
      • Squats:  30 OYO
  • Mosey to the lower parking lot
    • Partner up: DORA 1,2,3
      • Pax 1 perform exercise as Pax 2 runs to far end of parking lot and returns to switch out
        • 100 Superman Merkins (a few questions as to why we are not doing standard Merkins…)
        • 200 WW2 sit-ups (Mubblechatter seems to be dying off)
        • 300 Sumo Squats (some complaints heard about something around OW punishing someone.. Oh well.. Did not hear it all.. and we got more work to do.)
          • LBCs to hold for the 6

Get everyone off the ground and time to mosey to the hut by Tennis court

  • Go to hut for 2 rounds of 30s
    • 30 Decline merkins run to bus lot and back
    • 30 Dips run to bus lot and back
    • 30 step-ups run to bus lot and back
  • Mosey to the AO launch site
    • 1 minute American Hammer

DONE!!  2.8 miles and a few exercises to start the morning off.


Not gonna lie.. It is a bit intimidating Qing at your FNG location where you once contemplated if a swift death was better than finishing the workout that you were positive was gonna kill you slowly.  But after 2 years of surviving some of F3’s worst beatdowns, I figured it was time to step up when I saw OrangeWhips request for a subti-Q today. Kevlar in my mind will always remain the AO that can break you.  I am sure other regions claim to have their own location that delivers the toughest workout across F3 nation….But your FNG location is the one that sticks in your mind over the rest. Not to mention, I have been to well over 15 regions now and A51 does have some the toughest beatdowns across the nation and those that disagree I have invited to a few AOs and they quickly agreed.  I would put any running AO across the nation up against Swift, Fast Twitch, or Sparta. There is not a KB site out there that can toss coupons around like Meathead, Skunkworks, or Overdrive. Heck, we even have a swimming AO where if you think your too fit to go run for a hour you can instead sprint laps for a hour on M/W/F in a pool with your face underwater while holding your breath trying not drown in the deep end. Lets not even start on Bootcamps.. For that, all I have to say is go do one of your standard Qs in another region outside of Charlotte metro area and watch how many pax spill the merlot.

Enough about all that…. Great work by all and I appreciate those 13 guys that joined me today to help keep me accountable for sticking with it and allowing me the opportunity to lead.



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