NO Frills.. just what we did

NO Frills.. just what we did

5:15 and no Q… but Spartans are not worried about that..
We know the drill..
Run til you think you are going to pass out … then run some more.  Add in a little boot camp along the way and you have a 1 hr Area 51 Sparta workout with 5+ miles of running.

No frills or thrills in today’s Back Blast..

Give the disclaimer, set the watches, turn on the head lamps and off we go to the green way.

Stop ½ mile in for COP: all at slow cadence to stretch out a bit before the workout begins

Run to 1st bridge at ¾ 5k race pace (about a half mile)
LBC to hold for the 6
10 Merkins then sprint the bridge holding at far end
10 Burpees then ¾ 10k race pace to last bridge on Greenway…about a mile and half
LBC to hold for the 6
30 WW2 sit ups
Sprint the bridge
Air squats for the 6

Time to return

10 burpees then sprint the bridge
LBCs for the 6
10 Merkins then ¾ race pace to the 1st bridge..about a mile and half
LBCs for the 6.

Leave the greenway to Country place drive.

AYG up the drive to Trade street (uphill ½ mile)

Return to picnic tables in Country Place park
20 dips run to Trade and back
20 decline merkins run to Trade and back
20 Step ups run to Trade and back

Mosey to Stumptown park

2 rounds of 30 WW2 and run the park lap

Return to AO to join Peak 51 PAX

Thank you Lois for taking us out today

No announcements mentioned in COT

Honor to lead Sparta..


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