All aboard the Yoga Yacht

All aboard the Yoga Yacht

It’s time for the latest edition of Gumby. With both Site Qs out of town, one of them for some reason decided to lend me the key to the Scout Hut and lead the workout. I mean, I hope the guys in the Boy Scout troop are strong enough to move an empty keg or two …

So, for this stretching and recovery extravaganza, it was a small, but hearty trio of YHC, the much-respected Beaver and fellow Gamecock Cocktail.

Here’s what transpired, under the mood lighting of the Bambi Lamp and the smooooooooooooth selections from a Spotify “Yacht Rock” playlist:

Devotional — stolen (is it polite to say one “stole” a devo? asking for a friend) from Dawn Staley’s Twitter account, as she often posts the devos offered by Jack Easterby, perhaps better known for his similar work with the New England Patriots. The topic was about how we approach the seen and the unseen of life, but in the end, God sees both.

From corpse pose, knees up …

Windshield wipers


Sit up for a couple of rounds of butterfly.

Left leg out, right leg tucked in, reach for the left leg. Flapjack.

Both legs out, reach for both ankles.

Move to table top …


Bird dog (left arm out, right leg back), then flapjack

Child’s pose, shifting left/right/middle

1 1/2 sun salutations, holding in down dog on the second (hence, the “half”) …

Left leg back, holding three-legged dog, swing through into lizard.

Push up into what YHC calls “cheerleader,” lunging with hands on knees.

Then arms up into a crescent stretch.

Back down to cheerleader … back down to lizard … kick out and finish the sun salutation.

Flapjack and do all that again on the other side.

After that, a round of chair, with a move into dancer, which, well, YHC did not execute gracefully. On either side.

After that, another 1/2 sun salutation, stopping in down dog. Left leg back, holding three-legged dog, swing through into Warrior 1.

Move to Warrior 2 … then Peaceful Warrior … back to Warrior 2.

Turn and face the wall in Starfish, fold over, hands in the middle. Reach back toward your 6, then move to the left and right.

Move back up and back into Warrior 2, then Warrior 1, then back to Mountain.

Flapjack and do all that on the other side, but subbing in the Ninja pose on the left and right after the starfish.

The yacht was close to running ashore at this point, so we moved into plank and did a round of everyone’s favorite — PIGEON — on each side.

Return to corpse pose, a quick devo redux, and that, as they say, is that.


Crane Relay coming up. Details are out there. Probably some other stuff.


A nice amount of mumblechatter amongst the small group. We laughed at some of the various songs. Cocktail’s favorite was “Working for the Weekend.”

I mostly groused about how things hurt and how random things hurt on different sides. I am plunging down the canyon of grumpy old man-dom.

Beaver applauded the relative lack of sun salutations, and, sometimes they are what I nickname them — yoga burpees — effective, yes, but too many can derail an otherwise enjoyable, productive workout.

Also, a pro tip — if you go visit Cocktail at the Gin Mill and it is especially crowded, you should order an Old Fashioned. He will give you a special recipe.

We all went on a journey together … wait, Journey? Yeah, that’s a totally different band.

Oh, hey, if the Scout Hut folks have changed the locks on Swiss Miss and Tweetsie by next Wednesday, you guys should use this backblast, which is entirely comprehensive and authentic, to illustrate that there were no shenanigans. We also have no idea why the security camera footage was replaced by a DVR’d recording of the 2013 Outback Bowl. That Jadeveon Clowney hit isn’t going to rewatch itself, y’all.

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Swiss MissPosted on3:43 pm - May 13, 2019

Thanks for substi-siteQ-ing, Lois. Glad the silent alarm didn’t land you all in the Matthew’s Jail. Forgot to tell you about that motion-activated little doozie.

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