It sucked just as bad the second time around

It sucked just as bad the second time around

About a month ago site Q extraordinaire, Fuse Box, reached out asking if I wanted a second stab at Chiseled. Heck yeah I did! Only 5 pax showed my first time around, YHC included, so I was pumped to try to bring a good workout to a larger crew. I added the date to my calendar and went on my merry way. Fast forward to this Tuesday morning at Watchtower when I luckily overheard a conversation regarding who is Qing where this week…”Wedding Singer is on Q at Chiseled”…oh sh!t I almost dropped the ball there big time! Luckily, I had a Chiseled workout planned that very few PAX got the experience, so I made some slight modification based on the last go around and we ready for redemption.

Pulling in at 5:15 and I see a few people pre-running. We’re already off to a good start. Swing by to grab the gear and admire the new bin out there. This one seems a bit more sturdy…I dig it. More PAX start rolling in as I get the pain stations set-up and I’m feeling good. This group will do just fine.

DiCCs given at 5:28..paced anxiously for another 90 seconds…LETS MOSEY!


Mosey around mount chiseled and back to the gear bin to crab some bricks…back to start. Circle up.

With bricks in hand:

  • SSH x 20 21
  • Merkins x 20
  • Low Slow Squats x 15
  • Reverse Fly x 20
  • Shoulder Press x 20


Quick mosey around the lot with our bricks and over to the side of the admin house. Its time for some station work. We broke in to groups of 2 or 3 as I explained (poorly) what we were all in store for.

5 minutes at each station w/ 30 seconds to recover between each station….and go!

  • Station 1: Partner 1 flips the big tire while #2 runs to the end of the lot and back. Flapjack until time is up
  • Station 2: Partner 1 grabs a cinder block and does squat thrusts while #2 runs. Flapjack until time is up
  • Station 3: Partner 1 on the big rope while #2 runs. Flapjack until time is up
  • Station 4: Each Partner grabs a smash ball. Together do 25 bicep curls and 25 tricep extension every minute for the 5 minutes
  • Station 5: Down to the pit of misery. Together do 25 dips and 10 jump-ups every minute for the 5 minutes
  • Station 6: Together do 10 burpees every minute for the 5 minutes

After the station work we had about 20 seconds to kill, so everyone got down into a plank and waited for the final buzzer to sound.


I think this workout was even harder the second time around, but it seemed well received by all 13 PAX in attendance. The 5 minutes of burpees was a crowd “favorite”, for sure. As I looked around the group this morning, I was really impressed to see everyone pushing themselves and fighting through my bad ideas. This morning had a way of not seeming too terrible at the beginning, but it just kept building and you could tell everyone was feeling it.

This morning also saw the return of Wrong Turn, after being MIA for some time. It was awesome to see you back out…keep it up man!


  • Prayer request for Foundation’s Mom, who is having neck surgery this morning.

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