Blimps & Bombs over the Asylum

Blimps & Bombs over the Asylum

Well, YHC had a lot of work to do today. Never one to cower when I failed at something, I had some redeeming to do for missing my last Asylum Q. What better way than to hit the Q with some Blimps and Bombs. So, lets get going……

Warm Up:

  1. Quick lap
  2. SSH x 30
  3. Imperial Walkers x 20
  4. Merkins x 15

The Thang:


Run to each of the four corners of the PetSmart parking lot – # @ each corner. Individual exercise, civilian count and stop at the end of each lap to begin the next as a group.

B – burpees 10x

L – lunges 20x

I – imperial walkers 30x

M – merkins 20x

P – plank jacks 25x

S – squats 30x

10 Count breather

B.O.M.B.S. – consisted of Burpees (25x), Overhead Press (50x), Merkins (75x), Big Boy Sit-ups(100x), and Squats (200x). Partner up. PAX 1 does exercise while PAX 2 runs. Continue alternating until all exercises are complete.

Those little gems ate up the entire 45 minutes. I picked these up from a workout in Sarasota a week or so ago. Based on the grumbling it appeared to hit the spot. Thanks for ShopDawg for taking us out. Prayer for Goodfella’s upcoming international trip.

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