Sliders and Blazing Saddles

Sliders and Blazing Saddles

15 PAX gathered at Chiseled for a Q led by a Donkey. YHC wanted to make sure I delivered a challenging workout – keep the heart rate up, lift heavy stuff, make worth getting up early worth it. I felt my rep was on the line, the site was on the line, I wanted to prove a ‘gear’ workout can be just as challenging as running 3+ miles. Hopefully my weinke, which was drafted under the influence of an adult beverage did just that.

The Warm Up: DiCCS given. Mosey to entrance of 5 stones, turn around and circle up at Mt. Chiseled. If in the front, mosey around Chiseled until 6 is in. SSH x 15, leg stetch l,r,middle. Merkins x 15, calf stretch, plank jacks x 15.

The Thang:

1.) Partner up. P1 does (attemps) sliders (plank position, like a bearcrawl, but with your feet on a weighted plate (some had a plate for each foot (smaller weights), others choose to use just one mighty 35 lb plate. Move forward in bear crawl type motion but with feet on the weighted plate. Timer is the time it takes to get from one cone to another (90 feet?). P2 does curls. 2 sets each.

2.) Partner up. P1 gets a weight, climb over Mt. Chiseled to other side, mosey with weight around chiseled back to starting point. This is timer. P2 gets grabs a ball and gets on 6, holds ball with 2 hands, over head. Simultaneously lift legs to 90 degrees and bring hands forward with ball to meet legs, place ball between legs, bring both legs and hands down to ground. Bring legs and hands back up, grab ball and lower arms overhead with ball to the ground while at the same time lowering legs back onto ground. 2 sets each.

3.) Grab a weight. OYO, squat, on the way up curl weight, then press over head. 20 reps.

4.) Same weight, lunge walk to end of lot.

5.) w/ weight, lunge walk back.

6.) OYO w/ weight, do the squat and curl/press thing, 20 reps.

7) Partner up. Line up side to side. First pair spring length of Mt. Chiseled. All others Hold Plank. Once first pair gets past finish line, next pair sprint. As you arrive across the finish line, hold plank until 6 is in. Did this 4X.

8.) Partner Up. P1 runs backwards around Mt. Chiseled. That’s timer. P2 does curls. 2 sets of each.

9.) Curl, then overhead press with weight, OYO, 25 reps.

10.) Hot lap around Mt. Chiseled.

11.) Curl/overhead press w/ weight, OYO 25 reps.

12.) Jailbreak back to COT

Ye Old Moleskin:

Sliders out of the gate seemed popular, not a lot of chatter. YHC had to modify, it was a terrible idea

The ab workout with the ball should now go by the name of Blazing Saddles. I heard an orchestra of flatulence coming from every rear. At one point I pretended to conduct the loud blasts in the hope of sequencing and timing the blasts to sound like a DeSouza march.

Hopefully I accomplished my goal, feedback seemed positive. I can’t walk right now. As always it is a privilege to lead this fine group of men.

COT: Damascus took us out. Prayers for the families of Blue Screen and Trojan as they deal with the loss of loved ones. Prayers for Damascus, Nails and Knish starting new jobs.

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