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Great to see all the boys that made it out, many are gone for spring break…hoping you are safe with your travels and having a wonderful time with your families. We got a ton of work in this morning, below is the list.

20 Merkins and 20 Diamonds for warm up while waiting for a few to pull in.

45 SSH – 25 Imperial Walkers (I do know the name for these, sometimes when I am tired and only get 4 1/2 hours of sleep it may take a bit to recall, but there was good fun had at my expense by Bulldog and Fireman Ed…love you guys.)

Partner up with like or similar sized bell

20 swings with Merkins and run a lap

40 swings with Merkins and run a lap

10 high pulls each arm with Squats and run a lap

20 high pulls each arm with Squats and run a lap

10 snatches each arm with dry docks and run a lap

20 snatches each arm with dry docks and run a lap

2 different types of Mary for a rest and run a lap

Utilize Partner’s kb for 20 deadlifts, while one is working the other runs a lap…flapjack

40 deadlifts…flapjack


40 swings with Merkins and Diamonds

Eternal flame (without the music) finale of 20 swings, 20 high pulls, 20 snatches

There was a bit more work that we did sprinkled in but I forget exactly what and where, some lunges, more diamonds, etc.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, it is always a blessing to be around great men that are looking to make others better!

Neil Diamond invented the Merkin?

26 PAX showed up at Watchtower to see if YHC could actually do a Q with minimal running. The Verdict? Undecided.


  • DCCS given
  • Mosey to PetSmart for COP
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Various Merkins x 15 IC
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10 IC


  • 4 corners w/ 10 Bobby Hurleys at each
  • Partner up for some Gear competition
    • ROUND 1 (3 times each)
      • Plates:
        • P1: Hairburners
        • P2: Burpees
      • Dumbbells
        • P1: Run backwards to end of lot/Sprint back
        • P2: Curls
    • ROUND 2 (3 times each)
      • Switch from Plates to Dumbbells or vice versa
    • ROUND 3 (3 times each)
      • Plates:
        • P1: Overhead plate run
        • P2: Plank Jacks
      • Dumbbells
        • P1: Bear Crawl
        • P2: Thrusters
    • ROUND 4 (3 times each)
      • Switch from Plates to Dumbbells or vice versa
  • More 4 corners, 3 corners, and 2 corners
    • 10 Diamond Merkins as a group
    • Sprint to next corner and hold plank until 6 gets in plank


  • Thanks to Moneyball for helping me set up all the gear this morning and for riding in the front seat to help off set the weight in the rear of the car
  • Appreciate the group bearing with me during instructions with limited questions; I had to grab Damascus as a partner cuz I knew he would need further clarification
  • 26 guys is a lot for a gear workout so I apologize if you didn’t get to mix and mingle with the whole group
  • With the limited moving of partners/competitors (and my bad eyes), I couldn’t tell how most of the PAX were pushing but I will say this:
    • In a workout like this (gear), the EASY CHOICE is to COAST during the exercises and go hard when you are running/hairburner-ing, bear crawling.
    • The HARD CHOICE is to BUST IT during the exercises and the cardio. Pick a partner that will hold you accountable during the workout.
    • Don’t waste a 5 o’clock wake up call by coasting
  • Thanks to Deadwood for pushing me (not just asking me) to Q at this site. I have been on record that I don’t like this AO but that didn’t slow him down from challenging me. Appreciate the push. If you keep this up, maybe Doughboy and Bread Bowl will add you as a Site Q one day.


  • Convergence this Saturday at Stonehenge with SOB brothers. Vine Restaurant at 0600-0700. Coffeeteria after at Einstein’s. Come out and get out of your comfort zone and engage with other area PAX.
  • The Murph challenge: On Memorial Day, we will be doing “The Murph” but to prepare for this, Zinfandel has put together a daily challenge to allow us to build our bodies up and be ready. Grab a partner (see “accountability”) and join the “42 days to Murph” GroupMe channel to help keep you on track.
  • Thanks to Moneyball who took us out!
  • Happy Easter my brothers. I hope this week you will focus on and celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and greatest miracle available to each and every one of us. Have a great week.

Whiteboard Of PAIN!

It came to my attention yesterday that Zinfandel was down with a back injury, and needed a Substi-Q for Asylum today. What better way to show appreciation to a brother who has done tremendous things for WUC since he started F3 a year ago or so, than to step up for him and the Pax. It also ensured I got my butt out of bed on a Monday morning to start the week off right. Time to get out of the comfort zone and plan a workout that was “different” than the usual Q.


After a quick warm-up around the Brooklyn Pizza parking area, we landed in front of Hickory Tavern where the “Whiteboard of Pain” was waiting. Pretty simple. 10 Exercises, start at 100 Reps for Exercise #1, 90 Reps for Exercise #2…down to 10 Reps on the last Exercise. Simple enough, except that we would do plenty of running during and in between each exercise. Oh…and the exercises would not be revealed until we returned to the Whiteboard after each exercise was completed. Here is how it looked:

100 x Curls (run after 50, return for the remaining 50 reps)

90 x Flutter (run after 45, return for the remaining 45 reps)

80 x Dips (run after 40, return for the remaining 40 reps)

70 x LBC (run after 35, return for the remaining 35 reps)

60 x Squats (run after 30, return for the remaining 30 reps)

50 x Freddy Mercury (run after 25, return for the remaining 25 reps)

40 x Overhead Press (run after 20, return for the remaining 20 reps)

30 x  H2H IC (run after 15, return for the remaining 15 reps)

20 x Merkins IC (run after 10, return for the remaining 10 reps)

10 x Burpees OYO…originally planned the Burpee Ladder for this exercise but decided to just do 10.


Great work by the guys, and we all stayed together today, by design. We had 7 minutes remaining and we broke out the bouncing “Cube Of Pain” (workout cube with many exercises to be done on each roll). We wound up doing:

15 x Mary Catherine’s (Jump Lunges)

20 x Burpees

30 x Russian Twists

20 x Dips

:30 Plank/6″ Plank hold



When we open our hearts up to it, God will show us simple blessings we never expected. Having to plan a last-minute workout on a Sunday night proved this once again. God forced me to do something out of my comfort zone, which is where the growth and satisfaction happens. Not only did this work out well for me personally, but having brothers Ackbar, Mad Dog, and Damascus at Asylum reminded me that camaraderie and fellowship during a workout matters, a lot. We get so caught up in competing, beating others, proving ourselves, and working to exhaustion most workouts that we (or I) tend to miss these opportunities to connect. Leading 20-30 guys through a Q is great and enjoyable, but a smaller Pax is just what God knew I needed today. I think my brothers at Asylum would agree. Great work, fellas…you guys killed it today. It was an honor to lead you three and myself today. Proud to be part of the WUC/Swarm/Hive/Whatever we will call our Region!

Hot Laps

11 for this morning’s rendition of #F3BaseCamp. Here’s a snapshot of what we did.


A little baby jog around the parking lot before circling up in upper left hand corner for COP:

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • MCs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • LSS x 15 IC
  • LBCs x 15 IC

Mosey down to the track, gathering around the 100m start line for instructions. The main event was the Dirty McDeuce. 4 sets of 3 exercises of 12 reps with a lap around the track in between each set.

  • Set 1 – Merkins, Squats, Flutters
  • Set 2 – CDDs, Jump Squats, LBCs
  • Set 3 – Wide-Arm Merkins, Left Leg RDLs, Dollies
  • Set 4 – Close-Arm Merkins, Right Leg RDLs, Freddie Mercuries

Mosey from the track down to the bleachers from some classic SCMS bench work, with a run up the steps and around the loop between each set.

  • Set 1 – 10 Decline Merkins, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Dips
  • Set 2 – 10 Step Ups (Each Leg), 10 One-Legged Squats (Each Leg), 10 Jump Squats
  • Set 3 – 10 Decline Merkins, 10 Dips, 10 Lil’ Hazes (Each Leg)

Mosey back up the parking lot for a basketball goals suicide, followed by a forward lunge walk to goal #1 and sprint to the end, followed by a backward lunge walk to goal #1 and a backwards run to the end.

Circle up in the upper left corner where we began for some Mary, etc.

  • Straight Leg Lifts x 10 IC
  • Toe Tap Crunch x 10 IC
  • High Plank, 10 Merkins, High Plank, 10 Merkins, High Plank, 10 Merkins
  • Broken Egg (led by Fireman Ed) x 10 IC



Semi-Gloss never texts me. So I was shocked by a Sunday afternoon text asking about my plan. Even more shocked by his request for 3 to 4 miles. Didn’t have that kind of mileage in the cards for BaseCamp, so we met for a pre-run…and we had to book it around the Rounding Run loop to get back in time for launch.

Good group at BaseCamp this morning. It is a moderate workout, but there were no moderate athletes present. So we pushed it a little. The Dirty McDeuce reps add up over the course of the sets. And the laps after each one get you a full mile by the time you’re done. Gloss kept screaming “Hot Lap” before each one. It was true…the Pax smoked the laps. Pretty much dried up all the standing water on the SCMS track.

Tagalong, looking like #WhiteHarden, crushed the hot laps…kept rapping “saucin’, saucin’, I’m saucin’ on you” during each lap. Brushback was giving chase all morning. Gloss probably ran the 2 miles pre-run and the 1 mile hot laps at sub-8 pace…then died. BOG was dominate on all the jump squats #TripleSalchow. Clover is a world class backwards runner. Fireman Ed led us in this new Broken Egg core exercise…so glad it was still dark out…none of us will ever speak of it again. Scratch & Win HC’d at church yesterday, conviction got him out of bed this morning. HIPAA ran in from Boone this morning. Thunder Road and Sardine hammered out the reps and running.

Normally don’t post on Monday’s…that’s my #NoJudgmentZone day. But had the opportunity to fill in for @Spackler, who somewhere on a beach while I type this backblast. Thanks to the site Qs, Thunder Road and Jello, for allowing the switch.

Hide N Seek

With three (3) seperate workouts going down within a few miles of each other I knew that I wanted to get back to the basics of a traditional bootcamp style workout for Flash. Ignition tends to be 3.9999+ miles and Asylum can be a bone crusher. As a recap “A Bootcamp Style Workout” as defined by one WUC Pax has no more that 1/4mile running in between pain stations. On a side note – said Pax – elected to do the running focused workout; not Flash. I’m not calling anyone out -would never use names – Jesse.

Quick DCCS given – as always Posse was cell phone prepared.

Warm up: Mosey to front of Middle School

20 SSH/15 Merkins/3 Burpee OYO/15 Squats/15PlankJacks

Mosey to Alcove #1 for some 5, 10, 15, 20 (5 reps of 3 exercises then 10 reps of 3..) Derkins/steps ups/Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to Alcove#2 for some 5,10,15,20 = Donkey Kicks/Wall Press/WWII Sit ups.

Paula Abdul down the main path with lights

P1 does 2 burpees, while P2 takes off to run2 2 light poles, comes back to first to meet your partner for 5 Hand Slap Merkins. Progress down the path for all 7? – ending up at Trasporters shed – Oh by the way we have a guest – Deadwood doing the Butt Cheeck Clench.

Mosey up to overhang across from bus parking for some Bear Crawl and CrabWalks. BC a section, hot lap -crab walk the next section- hot lap—rinse and repeat until through all the sections. We gladly brought Deadwood into the fold as he made up the bear crawl sections on his own.

Alcove#3 Front of Middle School for more 5, 10,15…..this time (Mike Tyson’s/wall press and squats(?). At this point Ignition was pulling up – they could have joined in the Mike Tyson fun, but they elected for some dips.

We called their dips and then moseyed back to the COT for a total of 28 for Flash+Ignition – outstanding

Was glad to see some familiar faces back out at Flash. Everyone was working extremely hard; we didnt have much seperation- so recovery time was minimal.

Sprinkles was pushing the pace out front. I got to parnter with Glider – so glad he has been coming back out. Good to see Big Tuna and Chipotle again. I need to do some partner work with Dobule sTuffed… as he was pushing hard all morning. The Flashers of Posse, Doughboy, Tupperware, GatorCub, Jingles, old macdonald and Flash leader Rockwell. Maybe someday we’ll hit an Ignition together!!!!

Announcements – Forms of Communication – News Channel is for News…..

A Large Flock

A larger than normal turnout showed today for ignition, 14 people which is the same number that was at the usually packed Flash on Monday– Wonder why such a large crowd– was it they thought the Chicken would be a easy ? was it they thought the Chicken would pass out and need CPR or few extra hands to help carry is feathery ass back to the truck? was it the nice weather? one will never know but it was great leading this mixed group of Gazelles and Clydesdales although a few times it was like herd cats- The Gazelles were in normal form today waiting to be released to RUN…..

The Warm Up

Announce the DICCS and do not sue anyone ect…

Two laps around the island in the parking lot to get the juices flowing

15 imperial walks

15 low slow squats

Calf Stretches

The Thang

Mosey to transporter shed and complete 20 walking Lunges

Mosey to circle island near stadium and plank on island in incline position- 10 slide to your left merkins then 10 slide to your right merkins.

Mosey to benches near school and complete as many dips as possible until someone says stop or quits– we did about 40-50.

Mosey up to stop light across from Champion Forest and complete 20 walking lunges and come back for the 6

Mosey across the street NICE AND SAFELY AS A GROUP

Start with 5 burpees at beginning of road into Champion Forest and run to end of road in Champion Forest completing 3 burpees at each road- 4 roads in total. Got group in a circle for some more slide over merkins – 10 to left and 10 to the right

Mosey from end of street back to beginning of street with same format but add 10 squats at 2 lights poles in between each street.

Mosey across the street NICE AND SAFELY.

20 walking lunges then mosey back to island near stadium.

At the island plank in incline position and 5 slide over merkins to the right then 5 to the left

Mosey up to the bench’s near the school for more dips- 50, 30 and 30 yikes!!

Mosey to transporter shed for more lunges- 20 walking lunges

Now time to release the Gazelles— a sprint/ relax run – sprint to a light pole, relax run to next light pole and so on until we get to end of walkway then circle back for the 6.

Mosey to front of school for a few more dips 30, 20, and 20 and mosey back to starting point just in time with 15 seconds to SPARE– WHEW……


The run in Champion Forest was a bad idea the Gazelles had too much freedom to run here between pain stations and us Clydesdales almost died.. Needed more pain stations as you cannot herd a Gazelle if you are sucking wind about 3 blocks from them– Rubbermaid to the rescue– Chicken you need to modify, so we added pain stations on the way back .Everyone pushed extremely hard today as usual and I appreciate the large group on my first Q at ignition as the mixture of Clydesdales and Gazelles was just what I needed. I had nightmares days leading up to this that when I showed up I would only see Easy Button, Hollywood, Bottlecap, Dasher, Gerber and Deadwood starting at me waiting to start. I did have plan if that happened and it was to twist my ankle getting out of the truck, thank goodness I did not have to Flop so early in the morning.

Once again great job fellows and thanks for the support FYI we logged 4.75 miles- 5 miles is what I am being told… NICE !!

Who is that masked man?

11 Pax chose the DRP of a Heavy week at RockZero, and braved a threat from Cantore to start their Saturday right. After a full disclaimer, we were off.

Warm-up run around lot to far side of the Hot Box.

SSH x 20 IC. 10 Burpees OYO.

Squats x 20 IC. 9 Burpees OYO. ( let the mumble chatter begin)

Imperial Walker x 20 IC. 8 Burpees OYO.

Mountain Climber x 10 IC. 7 Burpees OYO.

Merkins x 10 IC. 6 Burpees OYO.

LBC x 20 IC. 5 Burpees OYO.

Lunges x 10 IC. 4 Burpees OYO.

Diamond Merkins x 10 IC. 3 Burpees OYO.

Dollys x 10 IC. 2 Burpees OYO.

Wide Arm Merkins x 10 IC. 1 Burpee OYO.

Partner Up. 1 runs to a called Light Post and back while 2 holds People’s Chair.

Flapjack. Rinse and Repeat.

Line up single file alongside Hot Box, for an attempt at Centipede.

Feet on another Pax’ shoulders, all in a straight line, them Merkins.

Indian Run to far fence and back.

Wheelbarrow to median, mosey to turf hill.

Partner 1 Bear Crawl up and around turf, while 2 does called exercise. Flapjack.

First round squats, second rounds LBCs, might have been a third round.

Out to side parking lot, Partner Carry two islands, flapjack back to start.

Pinball Run out to Rock Pile at ball fields. The rabbits run at their pace, pick a random spot to turn and circle back past Six, and continue out to next random spot. Every man gets to run at his pace, and no man is left behind.

Grab a lifting rock. Curls, Triceps, Squats all x 10 IC. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey back to cars.


We had a couple late entries, after an Ascent Q Fail. Rock Thrill and Plasma were not to be denied their DRP, and hustled down to the nearest AO. T-Claps for your commitment, and hard work.

Flipper, Nemo, and Runstopper were there usual Beast selves. Runstopper even carried Hoover in partner work. Sprockets posted incognito, without the millennial beard but keeping his fu manchu stache. Reminded Hoover of a 70’s porn star. Good times.

No man left behind

Commitment started out like any other Saturday morning but there must have been something in the air. One Pax was injured during a mosey, one pax left early, two pax got missing…apparently searching for keys, 4 pax Q jacked during an IR.

The Thang:

Di Cell Cpr Safety

Mosey around block back to the school – 1+mile


10 SSH

10 Crab Cakes

5 Reg Merkins

5 Wide Merkins

5 Close Merkins

6” Plank

Partner up – Triple Nickel

5 Merkins – 5 Pullups – End of Lot and back. 5 x’s

A few pax surprised me with your ability to knock out the pull-ups. Hey Zin, the Murph might not be that bad…bull *#&$

Mosey to Traffic Circle – Failure to Launch

10” Al Gore to Jump..Back to Al Gore… Failure

Mosey to Club House – 7’s

1 Burpee – BC across –  6 LBC Runback – 2 Burpee- BC across 5 LBC etc.

Mosey back to School – 11’s

1 Merkin – 10 pullups Flap Jack

Circle Burp

1 burpee – Increase Merkin each time – When we hit 10 merkins we switched to Squats.

Mosey back for COT. Done.

The Moleskine


Fuse must have had a late night watching NC State baseball because he was tardy. I didn’t want him to be MIA all morning so my first audible was a U-turn to scoop him up.

I noticed a few pax running in super late then I hear Zinfandel tweaked his back on the opening mosey and Posse lost his keys, did this happen? Big thanks to Rubbermaid for bolting to Zins grocery getter and picking the crippled pax up.

After the clubhouse 7’s I called for an IR back to the school. I should have made two lines based on speed. Wolverine, Dasher, Centerfold, and Gerber rolled out in their own form of an Indian Run but did circle back.

The workout was hard, no one likes pull-ups except maybe Wolverine, but everyone at least looked like they were attempting them. Nice job by all.

If you plan to partake in the Murph on May 27th you might want to jump into the challenge Zinfandel put together. Its starts Monday 4/15 and its no joke.


Tomorrow Fuse will be baptized at Weddington UMC @ 9:30

Poker night at big lots. Leave now!!!

Rubbermaid thinks there is a Convergance next Saturday but doesnt have any details. He will be out of town. Damascus may have details

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out.

Tale of two decks

First time out to the waverly ao known as Cerberus and the ao as well as he pax did not disappoint! A strong crew of 16 got to make fresh tracks on the less steep but amply lit parking deck.

After disclaiming the Pax away we went. Fast mosey around the nexus building to new parking deck where cop would begin in a 2 exercise per flight fashion as follows-

Level 1 merkinx20 ic sshx20

Level 2 wide arm merkinx20 Ic – 20 iw Level 3 diamond merkin x15 squatx20

Take it to the top and back down the stairs

4 corners around nexus building x 4laps

C1 10 hand release

C2 10 Jump squat

C3 10 full sit ups

C4 10 tricep dips

Mosey to the other steeper more crowded garage for parking deck suicide Start at bottom with 5 hand clap explosive merkins

5 lunges ea leg at top of ramp

Finish at top w wall sit and arm raises

Head back toward launch to snag paperjam the head toward ale house for some stinky decline plank. Too stinky so we headed back to the new deck. Grab a partner. P1 runs the deck to top p2 20 derkin/20step ups/ 20 dips- flapjack

Head back to launch for 1 may exercise – American hammer

Mole- with this having been my first time to this ao I had planned on a midweek recon, but family and work commitments got in the way. I got to the site 5:15 to see pj in the downward dog pose in the parking lot so I knew i was in the right place. Did a quick warm up loop around the ao- but didn’t see the original parking deck. McGee would later provided much needed direction. Very strong crew out here this morning – seemed like ocho cinco, McGee, Alf, jobe and a few others were out front a good bit. Everyone was putting in some solid work today covering 3.2 miles and amassing ~200 merkins. Good to see Astro and transporter all healed up from p200. Thanks to Johnny Utah for taking us out. Thanks for allowing me to lead – really enjoyed it


4/20 convergence at Stonehenge

4/27 dreddq at da Vinci

2 Guys, 1 Master

Dana and I are were Augusta. Dancing Bear was extremely worried about our distance away from the Hive but little did he know we were on mission for $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches. Dana was able to secure Masters tickets and it was a celebration of him and I moving from the 6 to the 2ish together.

Great day on the course walking, watching and consuming. Interestingly enough the total of our entire breakfast, lunch and adult beverages at the course was cheaper than a single dinner last night. Incredible. Long day. Then a long night with a not so great AC unit in the hotel but we locked down nearly 6 hours of sleep…..

It wasn’t enough but we pushed through. We arrived to the closest location to us in Augusta at about 5:22AM and struggled to find the start. We just kept on pulling up next to cars in the parking lot and all 3 of them each pulled off. Not a great sign. Eventually we found the AO called Evans Pain Station. We were praying for a light workout….

DiCCS not reviewed. We didn’t have enough time to introduce ourselves and to show them our DiCCS. Hopefully next time….let’s begin.

“30 Burpees, welcome to Carnage!” Not kidding. That’s how they start.


After one hell of an opening it was time for mosey. Dana and I realized during the mosey the reason the takeoff site was hard to find was because they had a large concert taking place in the park which was closing a massive portion of it. These guys were being displaced from their home, how would they even cope?

Luckily for them they know their away around the territory. Circle Up. I think 10 merkins. Some squats. Plank it up. It’s time for the Compass. Multiple degrees yelled. I think 7 or 8 rounds with 10 Merkins after completing the nautical directions given. Mountain climbers after? This Q is mean. Freaking brutal. (I’m not giving away the Compass yet until I bring it to my Q on Monday)

Short mosey to stone walls for 10 step-ups per leg and 10 dips. Varying degrees of height and I think 4-5 rounds. Plank until 6 is in.

On your 6. 125 x flutters IC. Not kidding. Did I mention the Qs name was Diesel? Yeah, not good. Threw in some Rosalitas for good measure. Yikes.

Mosey to find some wall. Balls to the wall. 15 plank jacks. Completed 3 times. More on this later.

Mosey across the street. Lunge entire street stopping for 10 squats at each light post. 4-5 light posts. Burning up…

Mosey to center of park. Q was psyched that we had time to do something he wanted to try. I’m not entertained by this statement. Completed 1 burpee, box jump the wall and 1 more burpee. Complete 5 times.

Mosey back to start. I’m gassed. And very, very sweaty.


Maybe the bourbons before bed were a bad choice but we were both on vacation. Luckily the guilt brought on by the calorie intake was more than enough to force our post. We did not wake up excited and talk of fartsacking absolutely happened.

We pushed through and were immediately put into an EH with the start of 30 burpees. I had a lot to say at that time with heavy amounts of sarcasm about how happy I was to be there. (I wasn’t)

The balls to the wall plank jacks were fine but after sweating out all the crappy light beers I was concerned. I mean I’m standing nearly upside down and the sweat from my nether region is now headed down…….we will hope to call this exercise Bag Sweat to Chin. Maybe not.

Sadly I don’t remember everyone’s name but they were a hell of a group. I think 7-8 in total and Diesel crushed the Q. Hung out a bit at the end and shared some F3 war stories. Highly recommend posting in Augusta if you are in the area.

Thank you brothers from Augusta!

Lastly, this Monday I’m queing Ass Island and if you are still reading this BB you deserve to join me. The Compass will make an early debut….